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Encounter 2: Yumenguan

Author: Slaader
Date: 1/3/1009
Encounter II: Yumenguan

The Legend of Yumenguan: February 25, 1007

Reports of the Dragon Assassination Clan along the coast of Gwenethlin led a diverse group of adventurers to the ruins of Yumenguan.

A ghost greeted the adventurers at the doorstep of the once great city, and sang for them the song of her heart. Through divination the full history of this song is now known, and can be found on the following pages.

Yumenguan was city of Jade, which was to serve as a permanent Teng Huanese settlement on the mainland. It would be a center of commerce and trade with the nations of what now consider the Realms. The army of Yumenguan was responsible for destroying the original incarnation of the Dragon Assassination clan, but a dark cursed was placed on their city. Those that stayed within the walls died a slow death, and their memory lost to time.

A large force of goblins and ninjas led by the ogre called Lieutenant Edgar attacked the adventurers. He wore a katana made of rust on his belt, and it was revealed that such an item was needed to permanently destroy the enchantments protecting the Four Brothers.

Several items of power were also uncovered during this quest. A blacksmith who had been forced into aiding the Dragon Assassination clan forged enchanted jade from the city into arrows and a dagger that could make short work of the Dragon Assassination Clan Warriors. An alchemist and a skeleton faced warrior uncovered the Iron Fist Glove once worn by the Lord of Yumenguan.

Scorpion Star and Fast Monkey Tail made themselves known to the adventurers. Edgar was dispatched, and once the katana was taken, the players were able to eliminate Scorpion Star. The Rust Katana shattered and blew away in the wind.

The players found a cursed heart box hidden deep within the ruins, by destroying it they were able to lay the spirits of Yumenguan to rest.

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