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Encounter 1: Hidden Fortune

Author: Slaader
Date: 1/3/1009
Encounter I: Hidden Fortune

Convergences 7: July 3, 1005

Shortly after Wrake laid waste to the Twilight Isle adventurers from the main land were led there by reports of the Dragon Assassination clan. The carnage wrought by Wrake’s forces destroyed the enchantments hiding the graves of the Four Brothers. The magic of the tomb was laid bare for those who could pass its test.

When the adventurers arrived Arthur Fenwick, a known agent of the Erl King, was waiting for them. Fenwick proposed a deal. He would guide the heroes to the tomb of the Four Brothers in return for one of the items buried within. There was some debate regarding Fenwick’s actions in the war against corruption. While some adventurers refused to participate in what they considered ‘a game’ between evil forces, other heroes accepted Fenwick’s offer in order to learn more about him, Sothron and the Dragon Assassination Clan.

Two brothers led the ninja and goblins that night, Great Pike Samurai and Steel Fist Monk. Both proved formidable opponents. The assembled adventurers were able to dispatch them several times, but they vanished only to reappear later.

It was revealed that there were four keys, each which would allow someone worthy of leading the Dragon Assassination Clan entrance into the tomb of the Four Brothers. Great Pike Samurai and Steel Fist Monk had no problem obtaining keys, their treachery on the field was unrivaled as they turned adventurers against Fenwick and eachother.

Adventurers from the mainland obtained the other two keys. One was awarded to a warrior who brought great savagery and chaos to the battlefield. The final key was awarded to one who walks in shadow. He proved himself a destructive force that could strike unseen. He and another had made a deal with Fenwick for access to the item he required.

The four with the keys vanished from the field of battle and found themselves in a dark tomb. There were no bodies, but instead four masks. The original Four Brothers wore these masks. Three were masks of the Ghost Faced Killer, one stood out as being made of a strange black metal with strange silver wirework. The Brothers quickly snatched up Ghost Faced Masks, the warrior the other – all disappearing. The one who walks in shadow was left with the strangest mask, which he presented later to Arthur Fenwick.

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