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Author: Slaader
Date: 1/3/1009
The Dragon Assassination Clan’s Ranks

The Dragon Assassination clan is led by a group of evil Samurai calling themselves the Four Brothers. The ninja warriors of the clan are blindly obedient to these masters. Although we do not know the names of the original Four at this time, the current leaders are:

Great Pike Samurai - He has the ability to wield a pike with the quickness of a sword and the strength of a giant.

Steel Fist Monk - He wears gloves of pure steel that can break the bones of any foe.

Scorpion Star - This samurai could throw shuriken with sharp bite of a viper. He was dispatched during the discovery of Yumenguan. How this has effected the Dragon Assassination Clan is unknown.

Fast Monkey Tail - Who spins nunchaku with deadly precision. He is the most obnoxious of the brothers. His tongue is as fast as his nunchaku.

The Dragon Assassination clan is made up of several distinct fighting forces:

Dragon Assassination Clan Warriors – Stealthy, well trained, loyal and intelligent, these ninja make formidable foes and serve as the bulk of the Four Brothers army.

Goblins – The ‘Goblin King’ has placed a clan of goblins under the leadership of the Four Brothers. These goblins, by their own admission, have been promised the Twilight Isle for their service.

Sword Dancers – Beautiful and dangerous female warriors whose grace hides the quickness of their blades.

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