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Chosen & Shadow

Chosen (Insectafae)

Pool - Any pool spell except Zombie Walk, ID Creature, and Disrupt Light.
2 - Selfless Heal Limb - Unlimited uses, 1 at a time - "You are chosen to be healed." Cannot be cast on self, must touch target limb and cannot move your feet.
3 - Cure Shadow - 20 words, 3 uses - Cures someone afflicted with Shadow or Disease.
4 - Protection from Enchanted Beings - 20 word chant, 1 use - As per the spell, except that when you stop chanting you have spent said spell and cannot re-cast it again.
5 - Combat Raise Dead - 3 uses - "You are chosen to be raised."
6 - The Light of Life - 3 castings of un-disruptable light AND 1 cry of life that fixes players' equipment.
7 - Alberte's Sacrifice - Heal a character (up to and including scalping), repairs their equipment and resets their spells. Caster is scalped and give up one path of spells (must have used fewer than 1/2 the spells in the sacrificed path). They may start learning spells again (if they wish) at the next gathering. So, a 3-path becomes a 2 path, and a 2-path becomes a 1-path. 1-paths and Fighters that are granted 7th circle powers through a magical artifact lose the artifact after the sacrifice has been made.


Pool - Choose between ID Creature or Zombie Walk
2 - Selfish Heal Limb - Unlimited uses, 1 at a time - "By Shadow I heal this limb." Self casting only, must not move feet.
3 - Disrupt Light - Unlimited uses, once per ten minutes - "The wretched light of their presence cannot save you now! By Shadow I disrupt all light spells cast within the sound of my voice!"
4 - Disrupt - as per the spell.
5 - Combat Raise Dead - 3 uses - "By Shadow I raise thee!"
6 - Banner Face - 10 words, unlimited uses, Half of your face must be painted bright white, the other half black - Enchant a weapon so on the next swing caster may call Shadow.
7 - The Shadow's Shadow - As per Hide the Soul, except: 100 seconds, Magic Blows do not auto-scalp you/end this spell - Magic and silver count as poison sword blows - This spell starts cast, regardless of caster's desire - and unlimited commands from the person in possession of your soul.
Tags: Regional Magic
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