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Feast Of Leviathan

3 paths (non-binding) Leviathan's Love, Leviathans wrath, or Leviathan's Knowledge
Path: Leviathan's Love

1. Touch of the Sea
1 use
10 words
Immunity to poison, disease, and any consumed mality.

2. Ebb of healing.
3 words
Heals a limb

3. Embrace of tides
20 words
Heals all limbs

4. Veil of water.
1 use, lie on back to cast
2 pt floating armor

5. Carress of waves
1 use, 30 words
take wounds onto self

6. Serpent's Scale
30 words, lie on back to cast
2 point sectional armor

7. Leviathon's love:
lie down, 20 words, to recharge.
You have proc. soul, resist death, purity poison, and purity disease on you. A call of one makes the spell have to be recharged.
Tags: Confirmed, Personal Account, Historical Account, Regional Magic
Created by Janus Kil'tra (Chris Donnelly) at 06-18-08 07:19 PM
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