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1 - Repair Armor - 5 uses - As per the spell.
2 - Selfish Heal Limb - "Diskordia heals me." - One limb at a time, unlimited,
only on self.
3 - Shift the Blame - 2 uses - take any 'Curse' from a player and place it on
yourself. You cannot take a 'Curse' if you already have one, and you cannot
give your 'Curse' away to a PC with the use of this spell. However, should
another PC take your 'Curse' through the use of this spell, that's fine.
4: Riddle Me This - Solve the posed riddle, and get a clue/answer to anything pertaining to the current situation.
5 - Create Powder - 2 uses- smoosh any components on-site together, add water
and 'swallow'...
6 - Gray Sight - 1 use- Ask any question of the MM/EH, and while doing so pick a
number 1 2 3 4 or 5. The EH/MM will answer and, if they don't know right away,
the use is not expended.
7: Diskordian Favor - Ask a favor of Diskordia. Beware.
Tags: Regional Magic
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