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Fystra (Abyss?)

While where the power comes from exactly is not currently known, it is always there in relation to Maxwell(The Mad One) and Abyss.

1. Any Pool Spell

As per the Seer spell.

3. Mage’s Armor
Uses: 5
Verbal: 20 Words.
Material: None
Active: Caster must lie on their back to cast the spell.
An invisible shield is protecting the caster. The spellcaster has 1 point of floating armor per casting. When struck, they may call, “Armor 1 – (area that was hit).” Cannot be stacked with itself or standard armor, but may be used in conjunction with Armored Cloak (Mage’s Armor would be used first, then Armored Cloak). Must be recast before each use.

4. Heal Shadow Wound
Uses: 15
Verbal: 20 words.
Active: Must be touching the effected area.
The caster may drive out the infection of one location of Shadow Wound per casting. On limbs, this will also heal them. In a kill-location, the victim will still need a Raise Dead (etc) cast on them

5. Prophecy
Uses: Random.
Verbal: None.
Material: None.
Active: Will be spoken to by the EH or MM.
The spellcaster randomly receives insight about the plot of the event.

7th circle:Nothing


1. any pool

2. dream

3. Mages Armor
20 words, 5 uses. Caster chooses when to call

4. Prophecy

5. Disrupt undead
4 uses. Tap to tree, rock, or ground. Allows the weapon, on contact with an undead, to disrupt it.

6. Out of Phase
3 uses.
60 seconds, no weapons in hand,
Walk through rock for 60 seconds. If the spell ends and are still in rock, you are dead and scalped. and stuck in rock.

1 use
This cleanses an area of corruption in a size proportional to the amount of quartz sacraficed. May cause geological instabilities. (this spell collapsed part of a cave)
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