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Twilight Champion

1 - Light
As per the spell

2 - Protection from Shadow
As per Protection from Undead but for Shadows

3 - Healing Light
Uses - 3, Material - Lightstick
The caster can bestow a regeneration effect to a dead body. Cast the spell by lighting the lightstick and placing it on the body. The body will regenerate in 60 seconds. A Disrupt Light spell will end this effect.

4 - Guiding Light
As per Fortune Tell, but with Proper Names

5 - Piercing Light
Allows the caster to swing magic with any weapon they wield

6 - Circle of Lights
As per Circle of Protection but must have a light stick attached to each end. This spell cannot be Disrupted, but is put out by Disrupt Light.

7 - Intervention
As per the spell, but can only be used during the day.

1 - A Beginning in Fae
Uses - 3
All stories have a beginning. For this soul, a beginning was had in Fae. Allows to caster to gain one casting of any Pool spell. The spell gained must be cast following the rules for that spell, including verbal, material, and active components.

2 - A Shifting Soul
Uses - 2
All things change. Change leads to growth and eventually Ascension. Allows the caster to sacrifice a learning of a spell to gain a same or lower circle learning of either a Light or Shadow spell. The unlearning of this spell is permanent. This spell must be cast in front of the Magic Marshal

3 - Master of Shadows
Uses - 2, Verbal - 20 words starting with "Shadow, I shatter your essence!"
Shadows are nothing more than reflections of the soul. Easily cast by the faintest of light, and just as easily shattered. Allows the caster to destroy a Shadow. The caster must get the attention of the Shadow for the spell to work. This spell may not work on all Shadows.

4 - The Final Light
Uses - 1
Sometimes, the Light can only win when all else has fallen. When Darkness covers all, a single point of Light can shine its brightest. While dead, if the caster cannot see any living PCs, they may instantly regenerate and call "All PCs in the sound of my voice, Rise and Fight!"

5 - Keeper of the Night Sky
Uses - 5
The night must come, so the stars can shine. Those who keep the stars are privy to their secrets and power. Allows the caster to unlock the powers of the stars, gaining a casting of a random spell. This spell must be cast in front of the Magic Marshal. Can only be cast at night.

6 - Harbinger of the Dawn
Uses - 2, Material - High intensity lightstick, Verbal - "I am the Harbinger of the Dawn!"
The dawn will not be denied. The sun will rise, shattering the night and bringing Light once more. Allows the caster to bring the dawn, empowering him as he fights the night. As long as the light lasts and can be seen, Shadows cannot approach or affect him. Any shots received must still be taken. This Light cannot be Disrupted.

7 - Twilight Champion
What really exists between Light and Shadow? Upon the edge of dawn and dusk is something greater than both. A power which only exists for a brief moment, and then vanishes. The Twilight controls both Light and Shadow, master of both. The power of the Twilight Champion flows through the caster. The caster chooses a weapon style he wishes to use. As long as the caster is using that weapon style he gains the following abilities:
  • One point sectional armor, is repaired if raised or regenerated
  • Regenerates in 120 seconds
  • Always swings Magic
  • Has the spell Resist Death

    1 - Disrupt Light
    As per the spell

    2 - Selfish Heal Limb
    Uses: Unlimited, Verbal: “Shadows mend my flesh!"
    Heals all of caster's limbs

    3 - Shadow Blade
    Caster may swing magic with any weapon he uses

    4 - Shadow Armor
    Uses: Unlimited uses, Verbal: “Shadows wrap me in your embrace. Shield me from that which would stop me.”
    Must lay on back to cast, Gives caster one point sectional armor

    5 - Shadowy Strength
    Caster now has a light weapon restriction. If caster already has a light weapon restriction, they can now use any weapon combination

    6: Craft Shadow
    As per Create Undead Solider. Exceptions: Creature isn't undead, only enchanted; Creature is affected by healing spells as well as necromancy; This spell gives you ten points to spend

    7: Wish
    What do you want?
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