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Barony of Banecroft:
Reaver birds swooped in and stole bodies from the Nadina cemetery and
Northbrook settlements.

It has been noted that Lunatarin traders have not been seen in the last week
or so. It is unknown whether they are seeking a new route, or have ceased
sending supplies to the Achorian desert.

All over the kingdom, funeral pyres are being prepared and set alight, and
healers are getting little rest. Over the last ten years alone, wars have
raged bringing low many, many common folk and enemies to them.. goblin and
aspis bodies are nearly uncountable. Considering the numbers of undead that
could be gleaned from the masses of the commoners alone is giving folk
nightmares. To preserve wood, enemies are being burned en masse, and families
are encouraged to burn all their own dead in a single pyre, if possible.
Body snatchers from north east Chimeron and the lone assailant in the south
east have halted their activities, though the areas outside the borders seem
to have attracted their attention.
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