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South East Chimeron:
Another small homestead's graveyard was dug up and the occupants burned. The
arsonist has set torch to at least 9 bodies. Still evidence suggests only
one person at work.

A cemetery was completely emptied of corpses in the dead of night. There
were no witnesses, but it appears the bodies were ripped up out of the

Tuath Fasach:
Someone dug up part of the local cemetery, taking three corpses. Residents
are a little outraged and distraught, as one of the corpses belonged to
Helen Gardener, one of the original residents of the town, and the Chatalain
under Lords Peregrin and Pyr for many years. Evidence suggests a single
individual responsible for the attack. Trackers following the footsteps of
the vandal found a pyre not far away, just out of sight of the city walls.
Further tracks were lost.

A general outcry of discontent has arisen over most of the common population
over these incessant grave robbings. Some scattered villages are beginning
to dig up their own dead with intent to cremate, in an attempt to ensure
their loved ones are not further desecrated. Others are suggesting putting
guards over cemeteries.
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