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Eagle's Rook:
Several witnesses claim to have seen a huge black beast, something like a
bird, swoop down over a cemetery and without moving, 'rip' the bodies of the
dead out of the ground and into the sky, winging them all away. Many folk
have been having terrible nightmares after seeing the 'bird'.

Eastern Chimeron:
Another small homestead's graveyard was 'attacked' over the night, the
'residents' were dug up, and burned. There were no signs of further
desecration, such as markings of cults, or signs that rituals were done with
or over the corpses, but there is also no sign that the bodies weren't
looted beforehand. It again seems the work of one person.

Northern Folkestone:
Several farmers, hunters and merchants reports an increase in undead
activity and sightings. They seems to be moving northward, toward the

Chimeron: A homestead on the southern border of Chimeron was shocked and dismayed to find someone had dug up their cemetery in the mid of night, and set fire to the bodies of their kin. Tracks indicate a single individual was responsible. Probably a human.
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