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Gryffindor: Several grave sites have been stripped of their dead over the last few days.

Tuath Fasach: Since the posting of guards, no-one has tampered with the remaining dead in Victory.

South East Chimeron:
Homesteads all over the area have been posting guards, but still the lone
vandal is getting into small cemeteries, digging up, and burning the
occupants. It still suspected that it is a single individual.

North East Chimeron:
A rash of grave robbing and burnings have been reported from scattered
communities. Gypsies are being blamed for the outrage.

Many of the residents and communities, rather than spend time guarding the
dead, have opted to give their dead to flame. Very few cemeteries and dead

White Coast:
The group of rebels living out in the woods of the land have started
building something of a wooden fortress. After each night of their work, a
blazing fire and loud party follow.

White Coast City:
A large group of aquatic elves has been seen swimming east down the river
past the Southern Wastes. Friendly farmers have gotten no response from
these watery westerners. They were seen emerging onto White Coast shores.
Shortly after, construction on new buildings began.
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