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The refugees from Argyll now have a makeshift camp. Thankfully, Blackwater's bountiful harvest last year means that provisions are adequate, if not plentiful. Mostly, the peasants are quiet and a bit distant. The area secured by the Miserables, the Coupants marched at first light in response to new orders.


Near daybreak, activity picked up at the gates to the city, as peasants, merchants, and clergy fled in from the surrounding countryside. While there have been no outright attacks, all are fleeing a surge in threatening goblin activity. The Woodsman's Guild has issued an official missive, alerting all of its members to troll sightings in the forests and recommending that all members cease activity until further notice.

Folkestone: There is a female wandering around looking tired and
rather confused. Her only travel companion is a green cat that flies over her
shoulder. She appears to be talking to herself, or maybe the cat, who knows?
She is of average height and build, wearing mostly blue, her ears are pointed
and her hair is brown with a few streaks of purple or blue.
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