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Eastern Borderlands: A few brawls have broken out at taverns along the river's western coastline. Witnesses say arguments, then ensuing fights were started by a heavy-set older gentleman, claiming to be a lost king. The man was subdued and chased out, but not before handing out a few black eyes and broken arms.

Southern Paradise: Morale is still low as lands clean up from the recent Illinar invasion. While help arrived in many different ways from their allies up north and beyond, and to the west; political tension has arisen in the city itself.

Northern Paradise/Kerah-Rime: There are lights and magic eminating again from the Tower for some reason, but no real movement. The rumors around Molly's Tavern is that a 'winter queen' has come to visit.

Eastern Seaboard: Another small group of cargo ships heading around the ocean-borders of Rathkeale from Teng Hua were lost in the storm over the weekend. The remains of wreckage is spread for many miles, according to those that have been flying over with their mounts. They numbered about three. As of yet, they have found no survivors.
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