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Tuath Fasach: Construction on new barns to the north have halted due to an odd frost permeating the ground. However, not even a mile south within Victory is the ground still workable, and no trace of normal frost is found once the sun has been up for a few hours.

Paradise: The western road has been cleared to a certain point, however construction of converting the path to the rest of the road has stopped due to heavy frost, but more than a few of the workers believe the frost to be 'unnatural'.

Qua Taereth Nunna: Rumors are being spoken concerning the McKrye of her wellness: after having her fourth child, Sir Mahkta has been spotted repeatedly with a graying 'disposition'.

Eagle's Rook: Beyond the western borders of the lands of Eagle's Rook, guardsmen on the walls claimed having seen a 'fire-glow' in the lands that used to be Gryffindor for the past few nights. Two scouts reported that there was some sort of blaze near to what was Puck's Hollow, but a very cold and harsh wind drove their mounts back. The 'fire-glow' is usually gone by dawn, but the same wind keeps scouts away before they can fully investigate.

Teng Hua: A few ships sailing down south from Draconia have landed safely, delivering cattle and other goods. Two nobles from separate houses have come to make their own mark on the island, and to pay homage to Emperor Matsuma Lysis, but neither seem to be Teng Huanese themselves. Another ship has also landed with little fanfare, carrying a small group of people to the Kingdom of Flowers.
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