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So it is said that the armies of Chimeron, supported
by troops sent from Eagles Rook and the city of Ivory
converged upon the Illinarian advance. Even as the
city of Paradise threatened to fall to these dark men
and women brave heroes emerged, as if they stepped out
of the night. Adventurers who have long stood against
those who would seek to slay all that they could for

They held the southern gate against General Kursts
van, and bloodied his nose by defeating two of his
prized Tempest Witches in the field.

They secured the tower of Tyche, thus allowing the
radiance of the Five Ladies to continue to prevent the
invaders to use their teleportation magics within the
city walls.

Then again they went to the gate, where the soldiers
of Ivory were failing in their defense. When the
fighting seemed thickest, and all was lost Cuchullain
arrived with many allies from Faerie.

Routed and now outnumbered, the Illinarians withdrew,
but not before dealing heavy casualties, chiefly to
Chimeronean defenders. The death toll is still being
calculated, but initial estimates indicate 7,000 dead.
Many will be raised, but many more were scalped in the
battle south of Paradise.

New Illinar is ever a threat, but for now at least
Paradise is safe.
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