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Spiral Dancers

Spiral Dancers are creatures of the Umbra with a taste for blood. Since the destruction of the Umbra, they have been seen fighting for the vampire Tabitha, though it is unclear of these are true Spiral Dancers or merely illusions.

Spiral Dancers can be identified by their green and orange faces, bald heads, and large jaws. The mouth of a Spiral Dancer consists of several teeth which stick out from the mouth and are formed of the same chitinous material as the rest of their hide.

In combat, Spiral Dancers function much like a heavily armored fighter, but wounds inflicted on them can send them into a rage, causing their blows to cleave through the mightiest of armor. Ever-increasing numbers of the Spiral Dancers have been encountered who can always cleave through armor, so be careful.

Umbral Blades cut straight through the thick hide of the Spiral Dancers, greatly lessening their threat.
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