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Umbral Blades

Throughout the first fight against Pathos, several Umbral Blades were found. These weapons were of particular use in fighting creatures native to the Umbra. Umbral Blades were swords with a silver sheen whose sharpened edges reflected a rainbow of colors. Each carried a name with connotations of madness and death (e.g. Lunacy).

Experimentation by Gonfv and Cecil led to the discovery that Umbral Blades are forged out of Formori. Disenchanting an Umbral Blade yields a bloody pile of Formori chunks. Casting a Raise Dead on this pile yields one living Formori. The entire process seems analogous to the crafting of "Bane Weapons", but with the entrapment of a corpse and not specifically the soul.

Any Umbral Blades which might be in existence are now nearly defunct, and they may well shatter upon use in combat. They are a relic of the past age and should be treated as such.
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