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The Jan'nok, also called simply Hunters, are not native to the Umbra, but instead were contracted out by Pathos for use in eliminating specific threats. It is assumed that they still exist and may be encountered in the future.

A single Jan'nok may be contracted to hunt down and destroy a single target with unerring accuracy. Their hides produce a slime which allows them to easily slip between planes. The Jan'nok can track their target across great distances, even through magical protection.

Jan'nok may only be affected in any way by their target and no others. No special weapon or magic can change this. If fooled into targeting the wrong creature, however, the incorrectly targeted creature may harm the Jan'nok. Do not assume that you can easily do this. Ask Cecil or Zeek for more information if necessary. If Nero the Ascended wishes to answer your seances, he may be of help as well.
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