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How to transfer the power?

Author: Sir Laika en’Naur
Place/Gathering Discovered: Church of Aurora
Date: 12/22/1021
Transcribed by: Margaret August
“In order to transfer the power of the chosen to me there is a once lost temple to Aurora that has been sealed away near a lake and a forest that houses the ability to transfer the power. Aurora cannot give me the location of the temple because that would alert evils to it's location and there's one mortal that can tell me it's location, and it.... Calladin. The temple was lost to history and was one of a group of priests with the symbol of aurora but the southern point had blood dripping down, they were known for blood sacrifices. (I would like to note that this group was not the silver dawn's).

Additional information about Calladin, even Aurora won't say his name openly. He was once a prince of a lost Auroran kingdom and out of despair and self preservation started to dabble in Dark one magics and necromancy, he wants to live eternally and fell from grace. Aurora is unsure on how to redeem him as she's been unable to contact him for far too long to know how to do so.”
Tags: Personal Account, Player Character
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