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Keela: The Daughter

Within the mists of the Barrow Downs, a man waits. He is being polite, but unsure really as to why. He can hear her approach. he is pretty sure she will not be in the direction of the sound.
Turns out he is wrong. She is being polite too.
A woman in flowing black walks into vision. Her hair is dark, her eyes black.
"Good Evening, Father," she says in a light tone of chimes. To any other man, the sound would have stirred some kind of arousal within him. But this man was... well, not sure how long ago he would have been considered a "man". It really is a good question.
"Good evening Daughter. I see the Way was successful. Did the Dark Carnival allow you to bring some of your Followers?"
"No," the sound of disappointment in her voice, "there is only me. It's OK. I'll make more. Where are the others? I expected to see them."
"They are busy. First brought you early."
"Hmmmm. that bad or that good?"
"A little of both. They found the Sextant. But Red Autumn has gained more Deities."
"How interesting. I like a challenge. So where do I start?" The man considered. He new, of course, where she would start. Ananke had shown him. oh yes. he knew. The question really was, which start he would mention. He figured that her obvious choice made the most sense. She was here to help.
"The Singer has found three Protectors to counter us. You will need to go after the two that exist on this world. It should Unstable it. don't worry about the Sextant. First is on that.
"What are there names?"
"Tara Harkon and Phoenix Rose Nosetti." The Daughter's eye glow red for a moment.
"Interesting magic they have here," says the Daughter after a few minutes "Easy access to so much information. And so much confusion and disunity. Oh it is going to be SO MUCH FUN. Now. I am very hungry, where is the nearest village?"
"Due west through the Barrows. They are fortified because of Third. They are looking for an Undead who we are blaming for the disappearances." The Daughter's eyes turn red again and she begins to nod.
"So she is summoning THAT. So you caged my meals. How thoughtful. so much easier than running over the countryside, finding what I can, where I can. Anything else?"
"Yes," he says. He doesn't want to tell her, but what can you do? When the Head of the Gods calls you, there is little arguing. "From Ananke."
"...AND?" The Daughter becomes impatient. Probably the lack of food, he thinks.
"She says the two Vol here before failed for mostly the same reasons, and the weapons to beat you are buried, but approachable. She reminds you to take precautions."
"No True Names, Magical Altering, read up on how they screwed up. Be smart about it. Got it."
"That was all. She said to start as soon as you can." The Daughter smiles.
"A few days. I need to satisfy the hunger first. Maybe Third can help a bit?"
"Best to do it on your own. The Event Core is an older one and she will need as much as possible."
"Alright, Father. See you real soon." She laughs. It is not a comforting one.
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