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The Strangers

Nyx: She calls herself the Walker between Worlds, told the Vol that the Rules did not allow Apollo to return to the Realms, so she came. She is the goddess of Lust and Darkness. She is one of the deities on Keldathin. While Apollo is the General, Nyx is the puppeteer of the Vols.

Taenitek: Father of Wrake.

Apollo: Also known as "The Destroyer". She is dressed in all black, but her clothes, if you can call them clothes, are tight against her skin. Her form is one of a light blonde haired woman with a light green tint to her pale face and hands. But you have seen her true form, the countless tentacles, the slime and the stench. Her eyes are a deep green and they sparkle with malice.

Ananke: She is the leader of the Strangers. She is the goddess of Fate and Entropy. It is said Ananke is the sister of Chronos. Perhaps she is. It was said by her believers on our world that if she showed you the future, you would go mad. As of Realms Date 10/1013, Ananke is settled in as a deity in the general pantheon of the gods.

Erebos: All I have on this one is a rumor from some months back. "Peasants have been claiming “winged angels” have appeared to them and have been converting people to a god they have called “Erebos”. Those who have converted have found themselves with an extraordinary run of luck. Those who have refused have claimed some trouble sleeping, but nothing else of note."
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