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The Pretenders

They are those who pave the way for the Strangers. First worshipers of the Strangers, they attempt to get followers for the Strangers in order to give them more power in a realm. There are at least three, judging by a conversation I had with Deidre.

The ones we have seen missives from are "Opal" (The First), "Shale" (The Second), and "Corriander" (The Third).
(1018 update)

The Three Pretenders are “Blessed” Mortal Souls who the gods beyond the stars will call on to actively take out a universe. ((The concept comes from a song by Kansas by the same title. Here are the relevant lyrics:))
“Three Pretenders forced their entry.
There wasn’t time to defend or attack.
Somewhere inside I held their fury
But one by one, my defenses began to crack.
“The first become the voice from my childhood
Without a world to call its own
Asking questions, but doubting the answers
And too confused to stand up and face it alone.
“The second came a shadowy hustler
Selling anything not nailed to the ground
She put a price on my resistance
And if it’s high, I know she’ll be marking it down.
“The third became a mysterious Traveler.
Stormy words, like sea weathered sails.
Her life was scarred with peaks and valleys
A haunted kingdom crumbling against the gails.”
Each one of them tends to worship one of the Strangers. The First tends toward Nyx, the Second toward Erebos and the Third toward Ananke. Apollo, as a god, tends to like a more “hands on” experience.

The Name of the First is not known. Their whereabouts lie within the Barrow Downs

The Second is known as Shale Darkson. He has been more vocal over the years, but has been quiet for the past 4 or 5.
The Third MAY be known as Coriander. What IS known is they are a shape shifter, bent on weakening the Realms through assassination and chaos.
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