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Random Missives

A smattering of random letters I had, to show how conduct sometimes used to go. Dates included where remembered; not all letters are part of the same threads. - Sir Iawen Penn

Our third day of September, with only twenty days left before Summer
gives way to Autumn [1011 M.R.]

How is everyone doing thus far? Were people able to meet (or plan a
meeting) with advisers? Hopefully your summer wasn't too hard and the
relaxation from adventuring and study that you all needed. For
others, your summer was very rough indeed, so I wish you all the best
for peace (or at least good will) in your upcoming season.

I was planning on stopping in at Feast of Folkestone, if anyone wanted
to chat about University happenings, how classes are and their
studies: I'm always up for listening to stories of new beginnings and
old and would enjoy the company. I regret I cannot stay during
dessert, but rest assured I'll be there for most of it.

In other news: was wondering if anyone had any spare time to help me
research an older god named Antioch alongside their other studies: if
you don't have the time that's just fine, no worries.

Be well, and hope to see you soon.
- Iawen Penn
Librarian of Eagle's Rook, Servant to the Temples of Xaos
Marked by the Gods, owns Wendmor(The Wendmor Project for NPCing)
Sworn to Coventry, Apprenticed into the Magi of the Realms
Seeking able bodies to help with path-making in Wendmor, and with
harvesting crops this Autumn, PST

Lady Iawen Penn,

I would be honored to aid you in your research of Antioch. One thing I am studying is the lore around the other worshipped beings of the Realms. Although, I admit I know nothing of him. Where would you have me start?

In Truth,
Priest Thomas Althorne II

What does researching Antioch entail? I was there in some sort of time when a prominent disciple of his was growing up, so, and maybe some information would be useful now that I'll be learning some magic.


Unto Kahlenar,

I would love to help you on the latter if/when you're learning magic,
if you'd like. What type of magics are you considering? Is it just
for you, for fun? Or for Ashenmark? If I have it, I can most likely
teach it (especially if you're going to stick your head in at
Folkestone Questing).

While it mentions Antioch here, here and here:


...it doesn't mention when he 'started' in the Realms. Sure, gods
have claimed to be around since the dawn of time, but we all know the
Realms as it has been the past 25 years, so we 'haven't' lived as
long. Therefore. I'd like to have people research (or help me
research, if they don't wish to do it alone):

- Antioch's first appearances in the known Realms, all the 'covers' or
disguises he's ever had.
- Any and all 'family members' or those of his blood-line or magic-line.
- Lands where he holds the most sway.
- The first public (OOC: PC or Noteable NPC) followers.
- About the Holy Cursed Staff of Antioch, why it *is* cursed, and why
anyone would still want the darn thing.
- Why he had most recently created another world as an 'experiment'.
(OOC: Just a Myth plot)

While all the above can be over-whelming, I was hoping that one could
tackle them one subject at a time, or perhaps research something about
Antioch that I don't have listed here (I'm open for ideas).

Researching Antioch entails:
- Reading any fiction, rumor or facts that can be found on him over
the Ivory Library, the Black Library (if you can find it, Phoenix of
Folkestone keeps it well guarded I hear), or the public domain lists
of the general Realms (OOC: the RealmsList archives of which you can
look them up) and piecing things together.
- Or Seer Magic, asking Antioch these questions himself.
- Or footwork (OOC:which means events or eQuesting depending on the
marshal) that requires going to communities in the Realms where
Antioch is known 'the most', and working down from there: getting
stories, bad or good; learning prayers or maybe rituals people do;
looking at their shrines and altars and temples to see how they
interpret him; and so forth.

If you can assist, you have my many thanks!
If you cannot or choose not to, that's alright too; and much obliged
for the inquiry.

Be well and keep in touch,
- Iawen

Unto Thomas,

(heh, I am not a lady, but thanks) [same as Kahlenar's]

[ten days later] Iawen,

I will do my best to research for you what I can. From the information in the library, I believe it is Minerva telling the story of the dream like world we are continuously being pulled into. (Just a Myth Plot) If not, I have definitely heard her name while there. This may be old news to you.
The library also reads that within Coventry they believe he appears as a male wizard. The origin of this belief may be useful. I can speak to the prince and see if he knows anything. I would be interested to know whether they still consider Coventry his area of influence since the integration of so many Aurarans.
I got to know Phoenix over Queen of Hearts this year and this Black Library intrigues me…I’ll see if I can get her to slip me a manuscript… J

In Truth,
Priest Thomas Althorne II

March 7th, 1012 M.R.
Faelinn and I in our capacity as co-curriculum planners for UoH Class Day held our initial meeting yesterday.

Our thoughts so far are we should consider giving out notebooks with the University logo on them at the registration desk.

We'll do am/pm classes with most classes repeated at least 2x so that people don't run into conflicts that make them pick between sessions that they really want to attend. This should also keep class sizes managable.

Depending on if the site would allow for it, we'll have bagged lunches and/or recess with combat games.

In addition to the classes the school could have some open areas including, a training gym (combat), library (plot chat), workshop (weapon/prop making). We have brainstormed on some initial class ideas.

We have used the above to create a survey to learn more about what people are interested in. We're starting by asking each of you affiliated with the University to complete it. [OOC: removed outdated survey]

Once we get and incorporate your suggestions we will send it out to the Realms as a whole. We'll draw the name of one person that completes it as an incentive for them to fill it out.

Once we have classes selected we'll recruit appropriate teachers and schedule time blocks.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions/feedback.

Phoenix (& Faelinn)

Having regained my identity, if not all of my memory, I very recently learned that I am fairly shortly going to be hosting an Open Class Day and something called "Low Tea" at a University that I apparently run! How exciting!

Apprentice Tria and Mage Ged have filled me in on the details, and I'm now back in the swing of organizing the day's gathering. First on my agenda-- The matter of registering guests for classes.

If you will be attending the Class Day, please contact us immediately with a list of your six top choices for classes you wish to attend. A letter to both myself and Ged would be best, rather than a public missive. (Please number the list from 1 to 6, and list classes by the department and number, such as "WIZARDRY 101".)

While declaring your interest won't guarantee your classes completely, we will be attempting to cater to everyone's preference using the time-honored academic tradition of "First Come, First Served. You Snooze, You Lose."

The list of classes, including the teachers and a brief summary, is below. If you need more detail, most of the teachers have already sent around more details synopses of their classes.

In Service to Truth,
Magus Atticus (etc.)
Chancellor of the University of Highbridge


SPECIAL EVENT: Knighthoods Panel, moderated by Professor Phoenix
History and discussion of various Knighthoods, in the form of a panel discussion between Knights, with audience questions.

ARCHITECTURE 303, taught by Graham
Dungeon Building: Over-thinking your defenses for the ages. (OOC: Dungeon design. Not recommended for novice players.)

CHANNELING 110, taught by Lecturer Johanthanalas del Var
Channeling; theory and application, a seminar.

COSMOLOGY 101, taught by Guest Lecturer Pyr
The Multiverse, the Wheel and Time Travel

DIVINATION 101, taught by Graduate Student Iawen Penn
The Basics of Being a Straight-Shot Seer (Prerequisite for 102)

DIVINATION 102, taught by Graduate Student Iawen Penn
Whose Line Is It, Anyway? Different Types of Seers At Work (101 is a prerequisite)

DIVINATION 203, taught by Chancellor Atticus
When not to use divinations. Recommended for Intermediate questers.

ECONOMICS 105, taught by Kyomi
How money works in the Realms.

HEALING 101, taught by Guest Lecturer Valerie
So You Want to Be a Healer? Lecture with Seminar

SUPPORT 207, taught by Guilliam and Professor Phoenix (with Effa)
Meatshields, or Understanding your Big Dumb Fighter Buddy. Recommended for Support Casters.

WISDOM 107, taught by Laurante
No Rituals, No Rotes, No Running: Inventive Ways to Use Magic and Combat on the Fly

WISDOM 110, taught by Undergraduate Student Kovaks
Intro to Being Useful: How to identify needs and support an army.

WISDOM 301, taught by Professor Phoenix
Introduction to mentoring. Recommended for Experienced adventurers

RITUALS 110, taught by Lecturer Johanthanalas del Var
Introduction to Ritual casting, or how to win fiends and influence deities. Interactive lab.

(Note: In the event of any teaching absences without pre-arrangements, Professor At Large Malaki will be acting as Substitute Lecturer for the day.)

My apprentice Demetria has asked me to pass on the following dietary information about the Low Tea to be served at the Highbridge University Open Class Day on February 23rd[1013 M.R.]. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Chancellor Atticus (or Tam Lin, or True Thomas)


Warning: May contain All-natural peanut butter, Allspice, Apples, Artichoke hearts, Arugula, Assam tea, Assorted Crackers, Baby carrots, Baby Gherkins, Bacon, Baking soda, Balsamic vinegar, Bananas, Biscuit dough, Blue cheese, Blue potatoes, Boneless rib roast, Bread and Butter Pickle Chips, Breadcrumbs, Breadstick dough, Brie, Broccoli , Brown sugar, Butter, Carrots, Cayenne Pepper, Celery, Cherry pie filling, Chicken breasts, Chicken stock, Chickpeas, Chocolate cake mix, Chocolate chips, Chopped garlic, Cider vinegar, Cinnamon, Butter, Cloves, Colored sugar, Couscous, Cream, Cream cheese, Croissant dough, Cucumbers, Dates, Dry red wine, Eggs, Butter, Evaporated milk, Feta, Flour, Food coloring, French bread, Fresh basil, Fresh dill, Fresh mint, Fresh mozzarella, Fresh rosemary, Butter, Fresh sage, Garlic powder, Ginger, Goat cheese, Granny Smith apples, Grated cheddar cheese, Grated Parmesan cheese, Green beans, Green tea, Ground beef, Butter, Ground pork, Honey, Honey mustard, Irish Cheddar, Italian spices, Kalamata Olives, Leeks, Butter, Lemon , Lemon juice, Limes, Mace, Manchego, Marinated mozzarella balls, Marinated mushrooms, Milk , Butter, Nutella, Nutmeg, Oat Nut bread, Olive oil, Onion soup mix, Onions, Orange marmalade, Butter, Oregano, Paprika, Pears, Pepper, Peppercorns, Pepperjack cheese, Pie dough, Pignoli, Butter, Pimiento Olives, Pizza Dough, Plum tomatoes, Potato chips, Powdered sugar, Puff pastry, Raisins, Ranch dressing, Red pepper flakes, Butter, Red potatoes, Roasted red peppers, Romano cheese, Rosemary, Salsa, Butter, Salt, Sliced almonds, Small candies, Smoked turkey breast, Sour cream, Spearmint, Splenda, Sprinkles, Strawberries, Butter, Sugar, Sun-dried tomatoes, Tahini, Tortilla chips, Vanilla bean, Vanilla extract, Vanilla ice cream, Vegetable broth, Vegetable oil, Butter, Water, White bread, White tea, Whole grain bread, Whole grain Dijon mustard, Yellow cake mix, and Butter.

Produced in a facility that also processes wheat, young minds, nuts, tree nuts, cosmic awareness, dairy, gluten, ridiculously high-energy magical fields, runes, cruel and unusual geography, and soy.
**A small scroll is on the doorstep of your residence in Coventry.
It is a few days after the feast held at Highbridge University. A
blue ribbon with gold trim holds the rolled piece of parchment
closed. [There is a] brief message inside, written
in a clear, almost meticulous fashion. It reads:**

“Dear Sir Iawen Penn,
I have seen you work throughout the Realms and I am awed by your
knowledge, insight and wisdom in what appears to be all things.
Reading through the Library, I often see articles penned in your
hand. I just wanted to express personally that I look forward to any
and all future encounters that we may have. You are a constant
reminder that there is always more to learn about the
world ...universe...and so on and so forth! Regrettably, I was
unable to take your class at the University and can only hope that
another such opportunity arises. Until next time.
Cassandra Val’athen” [Feb 25th 1013 M.R.]

[March 8th, 1014 M.R.] Good people of the Realms,

As Iawen has just provided an excellent example, now is the perfect time for me to explain how you can go about selecting your classes for the upcoming Open Class Day at the Feast of Highbridge.

Over the coming days, Lecturers will be sending out announcements of the classes they will be hosting. Once they have all been sent, I will send out a confirmation. From that point onward, anyone attending the Class Day can send me their top five choices for classes they wish to attend. (Please list them from #1 to #5.)

The eventual schedule for the class day will be determined based on these preferences. The most popular classes will be guaranteed a place on the schedule, and we will do our best to arrange the schedule so as to give everyone their highest preferences.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know

Thank you,
Magus Atticus
Chancellor of Highbridge University

I am currently reviewing all of the class proposals I have received for Feast of Highbridge 2.

I have proposals from the following people: Aeston, Janus, Iawen, Kovaks, Phoenix, Sonya, Quazar, Tao, Faelinn, and Meerkat. If you believe you have sent me a proposal, and you aren't on that list, get in touch with me soon.

Similarly-- If you email me a proposal in the next couple of hours, I should be able to review your class, and get it into the signup list. (Final classes are determined by the number of students who want to sign up.)

I have included the proposal format below. (Due to time and complexity, I can't do much with proposals that don't at least come close to covering everything in the template clearly.)

Ian / Atticus

Note: All classes must be primarily in character, but proposals can clarify elements OOC.
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