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Introduction to the Public

Type of Missve: Public
Date: May 16, 1011
Responses: yes
Good people of the Realms,

At the annual Feast of Chimeron just over a week ago, I formally announced the opening of the University of Highbridge. I am writing to follow-up on that announcement, to ensure that anyone not present is aware of our institution, and to give everyone a reminder to contact me with any questions or applications.

The University is inspired by the long tradition of Universities in this world and others, as well as the great Wizarding University of my home. We are founded on the premise that everyone has much to learn, but also much to teach others. Our focus is on wizardry, spellcasting, and wisdom, but we cover other areas of learning as well.

The core college of the University is the College of Wizardry, which teaches the discipline of arcane spellcasting. Until a permanent Dean is named, I act as head of that school, which makes up the majority of the students and faculty. In addition, Magus Faelinn is the Rector of the University of Divinity, which focuses on Theology and diving spellcasting. Finally, the College of Wisdom is available for non-spellcasters who wish to learn the disciplines of wisdom, problem-solving, philosophy, and rhetoric.

During the week, students attend classes and seminars. Graduate students are expected to publish papers. We also have a special program known as the Special Curriculum for Adventuring Students, designed to allow time for those of us whose pursuits often call them away at odd times to do good deeds. Each student is paired with an advisor, who will mentor them through their studies. That said, the University is a community of learning-- Everyone can expect to contribute, learn, and share knowledge as equals. The University is not a Knighthood, order, nation, or church.

All are welcome and invited to apply for positions as students, graduate students, or teaching staff. The University was announced first to my friends and family in Chimeron, and to the Order of the Magi. That being the case, our roles as of the official opening are as follows:

Chancellor: Magus Atticus the Red
Rector of the College of Divinity: Magus Faelinn
Dean of the College of Wisdom: (TBD)

Magus Malaki, Professor at Large
Dame Phoenix, Professor and Head of the Department of Combat Support
Magus Rel, Professor of Inadvisable Application of Excessive Magic
Magus Cecil, Professor Emeritus

Mage Janus, Wizardry

Administrators and Staff:
Brenna Greenleaf, Maid and Washer-woman

Graduate Students:
Apprentice Ged, Wizardry

Undergraduates in Full Standing:
Tria Highwater (Divinity)
Cimone (Wisdom)
Kovaks (Wisdom)

First Year Students:
Tara Harkon (Wisdom)

I ask that if you have questions, you not hesitate to let me know. In addition, I am sure the entire faculty and student body will be willing to speak to you about the University. Some of us will be on hand at the upcoming Green and Gold tournaments, and other gatherings, and will make ourselves available.

We are now encouraging students to apply for admission, and have a few more teaching and staff positions to fill. If you would like to apply for a place at the College of Wizardry or the College of Wisdom, either as a student or staff, please contact me directly. For those interested in the Faculty of Divinity, you can contact Magus Faelinn as well.

Many Thanks,
Chancellor Atticus the Red
Magus of the Realms
Regent of Pax Tharkus
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