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Hunted by the Shadow Mastiff

Author: Apprentice Charlus Moonwalker
Place/Gathering Discovered: Bind The Tide
Date: November 12, 1016
Transcribed by: Alexander Smith
We tried. Oh gods, we tried. The mastiff is still out there, moving in the shadows. The shadows of our minds now, I fear. My Master is dead, and no few of the other Masters. I don't know what happened to the other Apprentices. I only hope that I'm not the last one. I do know that Kellan wasn't killed. He got worse. His mind and his magic were eaten by the Shadow Mastiff. If only we'd finished the forging sooner. If only. If only. I pray our Expectations have landed in the hands of someone who can finish them and defeat this creature. Until then, I will hide myself away with what we've written and done and know. And I will hope that the creature doesn't find my mind like it did Kellan's.

Apprentice Charlus Moonwalker

(Transcriber's note: The original letter is also filed here, in case there are errors in the transcription or other documents can be associated to this one based on their handwriting)
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