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Encounter with a Satyr Camp

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Bind The Tide
Date: November 12, 1016
Transcribed by: Alexander Smith
Last night I came across a merry camp of satyr. They're friendly, like all satyr I've met are. My hunger led me to their camp, the smell of meat hanging in the air the whole way.

There's been music, laughter, and plenty of ready and willing partners for dancing by the fire and in blankets.

Their smiles are a little too wide, sometimes. Sometimes I see them licking their lips and looking at me.

I'm hoping that they are thinking of just amorous pursuits. The meat smells too much like pork, seems to leave a little more grease in the air.

I'm worried, and nightfall is near. But there's a willing satyr hooking a finger towards me, wanting me to follow them into the woods. Maybe it is less terrifying than I think. Maybe it's just me being paranoid.

(The original letter is also included, in case of errors in the transcription or in case more information can be found about the author based on the handwriting)

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