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Journal - Faerie Sea

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Bind The Tide
Date: November 12, 1016
Transcribed by: Alexander Smith

R.Y. 1011

I've been waiting in the deepest parts of Faerie, watching for what can only be described as the product of rumors. I heard it initially from a pair of passing sea fae, who didn't know I had cast a spell to identify them. I stared in awe. It had been years since selkies walked in the mortal realms, hadn't it?

They spoke in hushed whispers, quickly. One called her Mother, the other called her The Sea Witch. As if afraid of eavesdroppers, they moved away quickly. But now my interest was piqued. Why would two creatures call one being two names like that?

It took me a while, but I finally found the Faerie Sea. Records from long ago, at least judging by the age of the papers I had found, say that the sea was wide, once. But that an insult given caused the very sea itself to retreat and pull away. That was something I had never heard of before.

It was hidden deep into this reality, and only by asserting my will did I find it. I have yet to see this being that they spoke of. I'm sure if I wait, I will find her.

R.Y. 1012

It's been over a year. I've had to leave to get food, to sleep safely. I stayed one night, a few months back, hoping that I could find her at night. Growls and howling from outside my tent kept me inside it all night, too terrified to leave it. I left for a month the next morning. There wasn't a single footprint near my tent, but a pile of seaweed just outside the door sent me running quickly.

I only just returned, parts of Faerie safer than in the Realms lately. The encroaching parts of Bedlam's inky blackness make it hard to live without fear.

I still have no idea about this being. I may be chasing only a literal faerie tale.

R.Y. 1015

I am lucky to have survived the war against Bedlam. I recently found these notes again, and began to wonder why, other than the creeping darkness, I had given up my search. With a pack of food, camping supplies, and a renewed vigor, I've set out. I thought I would end up on the same shoreline that I had spent a few years on. I was surprised, instead, by the new scenery.

Instead of the simple, barely thriving lake, I found a true sea. I stood there, staring in awe. I heard the cry of gulls and seals, the bitter bite of salt in the air, the crash of waves. Sea grass surrounded me. It was as if this sea had never moved, as if untold centuries had passed, and it had never moved.

There was a cottage by the seaside, one that hadn't been there before. Tentatively, I went to explore. Opening the door was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Before I had finished opening the door, there was a low growl. I caught the image of a standard, simple house, before the creature sitting at the table snarled, full of gnashing teeth, black cold eyes, and flesh the color of sunlit water. I ran, and never looked back. If that creature is the Sea Witch, I don't want to know the true face of the sea fae.

It's been two weeks, and I both fear and love the sea. The mortal seas don't feel right, and I can't help but want to return, despite knowing it may be my death. I want to return to that sea.

Fear the Sea Witch.
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