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Plea from Elder Lydia

Author: Elder Lydia
Place/Gathering Discovered: Bind The Tide
Date: November 12, 1016
Transcribed by: Alexander Smith
September 7th, 1007 M.R.

My name is Elder Lydia, and this is my last plea for assistance. Our village has been left over the past few months bereaved of our loved ones again and again. Those whose families I have watched over for years have lost their old men, and their young men and women, and worst of all, hope.

A ship from Draconia leaves to carry what is left of our community to safety, but to ease their hearts and my mind, can you locate some SHRED of what happened to our loved ones?

(Transcriber's note: The letter was written in cursive, and I may have made errors transcribing the document. I've stored the original letter alongside this transcription so that it can be referenced in case there are errors in this transcription.)

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