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I have spent the last few days ruminating over many things, mostly
having to do with the paths we each walk, and what they mean. As for
myself, I can see three routes in which I may travel. I will concede
that dealing with The Inventor is one of the few times in my life
where I have hesitated. However, as has been said so much recently,
time has grown short. I need to start narrowing options.
At this year’s Black and White, you said if necessary you would
force me to support you. After careful consideration, I have decided
to accept your challenge. I shall present three tasks, one at a time.
If you should succeed in all three, then I shall willingly and fully
support your bid to become Inventor. You have until The sun sets in
Chimeron on the first day of it’s annual feast to complete these
tasks. If you should fail to defeat me in any way, then when the time
is ended I shall make a bid in my own interest or vacate my position.
Do not mistake this as some guided journey toward spiritual
enlightenment. This is a trial weighed in the values I perceive as
“Inventor” qualities, and will be judged solely by me. Demon-speaking
a task will be to no avail as I am the final arbiter, a task will
simply not be complete if I feel cheated. In the end, this is a
complex method of convincing me you are the better choice. To be
blunt, I find it unlikely you will succeed in even one task.
As is the custom in Matters of Honor, you have issued the
challenge, and I have set the terms. The time is yours to choose. The
challenge is yours to walk away from or not, but it is the only way in
which I will lend you my support to become a Councilor. I will see you
this weekend.
Luck and Speed,
-Prince Sir Gideon of Coventry (12/7/10)
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