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Bay of Mnemosyne

Gwydion's Tower was on a piece of land, but the water around it had a name. Later it was translated into Bay of Mnemosyne, and many traveled there over the years (whether they knew it or not) as the Tower and the Land rested below the sea. It was said that one could recover their memories there, or start fresh if they wanted to forget the past completely and be blissfully unaware of all their previous cycles. It isn't recorded if such a thing ever happened to a human.

The Bay of Mnemosyne eventually gave up its Tower and Land to the Prime Material Plane, that is the Mortal Realms of Valehaven. The island was out there for a little while, and many a good man (and not-so-good) ventured out to plumb the depths of the Tower. Only Gideon and Laurante, leading a group of adventurers, ever got to the bottom of things (quite literally). In the end, while some sea-faring folk tried to re-claim it, it became a casualty lost to the forces of the Infinite Dark.

Here was a hand-drawn map by the Black Star Guild, recovered at Rock & Roll, of what the island used to be like:
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