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The Death of Gwydion

This scene played as an imprinted memory when a group of adventurers went into Gwydion's tower a few years back. There are a few parts I could not hear or properly transcribe. ~Aven

"I need you to leave with it right away. And make sure you're back before the Masquerade Ball." A stocky man, clad in green and leather work clothes, handed something hastily off to a young, feminine sea elf.

"I swear I'll come back to your side." The Servant saluted and scurried off. As Gwydion returned to his work, a young man shuffled into the room, his eyes wide and his breathing labored as if he had just sprinted the whole way up the tall tower.

"Master? The Queen--"

Yes, I know. I think she, the King, and the others will be rather pleased with what I've made." He gestured behind himself to a chest set on the floor against the far wall.

"No sir," the young man continued, "the Queen is HERE with some of her entourage! And there's something strange going on above the--"

"The Queen is HERE?!" Gwydion spun on his heel, almost, but not quite, with the speed and grace of an elf. "Now?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?! Go! Quickly! Fetch us some tea! And a nice kettle!" He watched, nervous, as the messenger scurried out the door, calling after him, "NOT THE IRON ONE, JUST IN CASE!"

As Gwydion attempted to scramble around and tidy up his work station, a veiled woman in white entered through the door, flanked by an attendant on each side. As soon as he heard the door open, Gwydion turned and fell to his knees, bowing his head in reverence. "My queen, it is an unexpected pleasure!"

The veiled head tilted, hands clasped in front. "...It's no pleasure of mine, I'm sorry to say."

Gwydion looked up, confused as he attempted to rise. "I request that you stay on your knees and listen." The Inventor remained on the floor, watching as his queen paced around him in a wide arc. There is a black wind hollowing, lover. Stronger than I have ever seen or heard since my time began. And with Rel gone, I just..."

Gwydion glances up, addressing her from his spot on the ground. "Your majesty, as I was telling the King before: I have made gifts for you and the others to be unraveled the day of the Masquerade Ball. My life's work. Instrumental, in fact, in helping us discover what happened to your...beloved Druid."

The woman continued to circle in silence until she faced him again. Quietly, she said, "And that's something I can't have being found out. I'm sorry." In the distance, a loud explosion boomed throughout the air. "Gwydion, by the Power of your True Name ____________, I command you to stay on your hands and knees."

Gwydion felt his entire body forced forwards as he fell onto all fours, his muscles paralyzed, refusing to let him move. "What the hell?! What's going on?!"

"One among us will shortly perish," continued the woman, "it was written. I can't bear to have you go through the pain and sorrow, I'm sorry!" The woman brought a hand to her veiled mouth, as if stifling a sob. "Gwydion, by the power of your True Name ____________, I command you to be bound to the Tower until Death releases you."

Tears began to flow down Gwydion's cheeks, an expression of hurt, betrayal, and utter confusion etched into his face. He cried out to his queen, begging for release. "No, Maeb! Love! My Queen!" His cries and pleas wracked his whole body and emanated throughout the workroom, and yet his body remained frozen to the floor. "Why would you do this?! Stop, please stop!!"

The woman looked away for a moment, taking a deep breath. Finally, she raised her chin and faced Gwydion head on. "Gwydion, by the power of your True Name ___________, I command you to _______________________."

"MAEB, NO!" Gwydion dissolved into sobs, his hands and knees still stuck firmly to the floor as the world seemed to spin around him.

A small sound emanated from the woman as she whirled around on her attendants, practically shrieking at them. "What are you gawking at?! Open the latches, so this tower can never rise again and be used for an evil purpose!" She stared through the veil until the two attendants fled the room, leaving the pair alone.

Turning back to face Gwydion, she placed a hand on the Inventor's head softly, and spoke to him with a gentle, melancholy lilt. "I'm sorry Gwydion, I am..." She turned, leaving Gwydion sobbing on the ground, and began to cross the floor, pausing momentarily to lift her veil and compose herself. As Rosetta removed the veil from her face, she dabbed at her tear-stained cheek with a gloved hand. Inhaling deeply, she shut her eyes and clutched her veil to her chest. When she opened her eyes again, her face was set with determination. Purposefully, Rosetta strode to the door and, without so much as a look over her shoulder, left the Tower for the final time.

After finishing my scrying on this scene, I heard a voice in my head saying "And now you know why Gwydion didn't save the Tower...because he couldn't." After that, my Vision went dark.
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