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Before That...3

Paul Strummer (19) Castle Military Trained?
William Tucker (20) Castle Military Trained?
Adam Turner (19) Castle Military Trained?
Barnaby Wallow (28) Castle Military Trained?
Rhett Wren (19) Castle Military Trained?
Nicolis Yarrow (22) Castle Military Trained?
George Yew (25) Castle Military Trained?
Harold Zepher (21) Castle Military Trained?

Tuath Fasach/New
(r)a Raymond Aaron (23) 13 Farmer
(r)^ Diedre Cassel (29) Castle HomeCrafts, Cooking, Preserves
(r)Theodore Emery (21) 15 Farmer
(r)^Kathleen Grouse (20) Castle Homecrafts
(r)Justen Hollybrook (26) 13 Farmer
(r)Darren McArther (30) Tavern Brewer
(r)^ Erika McCathy (25) 16 HomeCrafts, Carder, Weaver
(r)^ Michah McNiel (29) 17 Farmer, Shepherd
(r)Niel McTaggart (21) 17/Mrkt Stll 1 Farmer, Shepherd, Butcher
(r)Shamus McTaggart (23) 17 Farmer, Shepherd, Butcher
(r) Emma Plowrys (19) Castle HomeCrafts, Herblore
(r)a Stephen Pratt (33) 13 Farmer
(r)a Van Quiver (29) -- Farmer (Apprentice Stonemason)
(r) Ginger Rosetta (29) 16 HomeCrafts, Sewing
(r) Benjamen Standish (21) Smithy Blacksmith
(r) Jessica Trombley (25) Mrkt Stll 2 HomeCrafts, Potter
(r)a Michelle Walsh (31) 16 HomeCrafts, Leatherworking

Jory Winterroot (21) Tannery Tanner
William Smith (20) Smithy Blacksmith
Owen Planter (39) 18 Farmer
Nell Planter (40) 18 Homecrafts, Dairy Products
Sean Planter (18) 18 Farmer
Rachael Planter (16) Homecrafts, Dairy Products
Toby Planter (15) 18 Farmer, Hunting
Christopher Planter (13) Farmer
Billy Planter (11) 18 Farm help - Page 4
George Yew Leader 5sp per week
Harold Zepher 3sp per week
  • Swineherd - family of 5
  • Farm family - family of 7
  • Farm family - family of 8
  • Farm family - family of 10
  • Farm family - family of 4
  • Daniel Trueman - Govener of Coal Town

    Rollands (8)
    Magpies (8)
    Goffins (13) - large extended family
    Jays (2) - newly weds
    Perch (11) - older family
    Littlefields (11) - extended family

    Maggie and Malcom (2) - Draconian Refugees (Pyr writes: from somewhere called Draconia?)
  • *
    Hired by B&G:
    Kenneth Gumbel (41) OTF1 Ostler
    Penelopy Gumbel (41) OTF1 Homecrafts, Cooking, Sewing (Pyr writes: Are these people in ER now?)

    Non-Resisdent Residents:
    A family of Weavers 2m, 4f, Mrkt Stll 9
    A Group of Seemstresses 3f Mrkt Stll 10
    A stonemason Mrkt Stll 11
    A Tavern/Resturant (4) Mrkt Stll 12
    A Baker (3) Mrkt Stll 14

    (r) - Refugee from Citadel
  • -Work for the town guard part time.
    ^ - 'busted goods'.
    a - amnesia.

    8/4/99 SirPyr Page 6
    Since the summer of 1998, over 300 more refugees and peasants have come to TF. Most are farmers, some are tradesmen.
  • *
    Hired by B&G:
    Kenneth Gumbel (41) OTF1 Ostler
    Penelopy Gumbel (41) OTF1 Homecrafts, Cooking, Sewing

    Non-Resisdent Residents: (Renting)
    A family of Weavers 2m, 4f, Mrkt Stll 9
    A Group of Seemstresses 3f Mrkt Stll 10
    A stonemason Mrkt Stll 11

    Renting Merchant Houses:
    The Golden Sheaf - Grain Merchant House (42)
    Banjan's Cloth - Cloth Merchant House (41)
    The Noble Touch - Finery and Fine Wares (40)

    Non-Resident Residents: (Owning)

    The Four Brothers of the Scythe, Grain Merchant House - Own Mrkt Stll (45)
    Emerald Isle Shipping, Sheep, Wool, Cloth - Own Mrkt Stll (44)
    Red Arrow Imporium, Furs and Pelts - Own Mrkt Stll (43)

    8/4/99 SirPyr Page 7
    Subject: Castle Staff and City Guard, wages Wednesday, Aug 4 1999 7:28:03 AM

  • Helen Gardener - Is this person an adventurer? (Castellian) 1gp
  • Marianne Gardener (Kitchen Manager/Cook) 5sp

    Servant/Maid/Cleaning other than kitchen related:
    Matilda Wicker 3sp
  • Kathleen Grouse 3sp
    Jennifer Gardener (7) 1sp

    Dairy Workers:
    Nel Planter (Dairy) 5sp
    Racheal Planter (Dairy Help) 3sp
    Carol Tallfellow (Help and Learn) 1sp

  • Lisa Patch 3sp
    Barbara Pratchet 2sp

    Kitchen Help, Day Shift: (evening meal)
  • Kelly Gardener 3sp
  • Diedre Cassel 3sp
  • Murial Gardener 3sp
  • Ginger Rosetta 3sp

    Kitchen Help, Night/Dawn Shift (Breakfast)
  • Melinda Patch 3sp
  • Emma Plowrys 3sp
  • Michelle Walsh 3sp

    In Town Militia: Total Wages: 2.2gp

    Page 1
    Robert Green (Captain of the Guard) 1gp per week
    Daman Covey (Sargent) 5sp per week
    Kerel Covey (Sargent) 5sp per week
    Angus Ford 3sp per week
    Jenna Patch 3sp per week
    Mathew Swan 3sp per week
    Brandon Walker 3sp per week

    Patrols: Total Wages: 9.6 gp per week

    Mark Aaron 3sp per week
    Dax Ash 3sp per week
    Kieth Birch 3sp per week
    Jorram Black Leader 5sp per week
    Phil Buck 3sp per week
    Max Caldron 3sp per week
    Richard Cere 3sp per week
    Tom Crumb 3sp per week
    Jason Drummer 3sp per week
    Chris Elm (f)* Seer 4sp per week *currently missing
    Jeffry Ferry 3sp per week
    Brian Folly 3sp per week
    Geran Littlefield 3sp per week
    Garry Littlefield 3sp per week
    Harry McCormick 3sp per week
    Jarrod Maple 3sp per week
    Lauren Mulberry Healer 4sp per week
    David Oak 3sp per week
    Hans Schmidt 3sp per week
    Fredrick Schmidt 3sp per week
    John Smith 3sp per week
    Paul Strummer 3sp per week
    William Tucker 3sp per week
    Adam Turner 3sp per week
    Barnaby Wallow 3sp per week
    Rhett Wren 3sp per week
    Nicolis Yarrow 3sp per week
    Page 2
    George Yew Leader 5sp per week
    Harold Zepher 3sp per week

    Other Folk: Total Wages: 1 gp

    Farming Foreman: Joseph Wicker 5sp a week
    Ostler: m.Gumbel 5sp per week

    Page 3
    7: 30 AM

    Taxes are calculated monthly:
    Taxes that Peregrin imposed - 3 days of work for each person dedicated to the maintenance of the city/castle and people of the city, or an equivelent in goods/services. People not listed are probably doing 'work' on either the multiple buildings projects, or on the farms.

    Taxes:: Residents/Farmers and Workers:

    T Gardener's - owes 24 days. James Gardener (12) works for community farm.

    Patch - owes 6 days. Monica - daily evening chicken care.

    Pratchets (both families) - owe 15 days. Donna - daily morning and evening cow care.

    Smalls - owe 12 days - Beckah - Dairy work 3 days a week.

    Tallfellow - owes 9 days. 1/3 his hunting/foraging gains.

    J Wicker's - owes 9 days. - Elizabeth - livestock care and maintence two to three days a week on the farm.

    D Wicker's - owes 15 days. Full time chicken breeding and maintence.

    Willow - owes 15 days - 1/2 his hunting/foraging gains

    Planters - Owe 18 days. Toby Planter (14) works for community farm.

    Swineherd - owes 15 days - Full time care of castle swine. (Page 1)
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