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Old Tuath Fasach

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Tuath Fasach / Victory City

The Burning and Green, and People of Import:

The Lord Protector/ Steward of Victory Castle - Sir Peregrin
Governor of Tuath Fasach - Simoon
Sheriff - Korlis
Treasurer - Donovan
Mage - Stuart MacTaggart
Priest of Justari - Kail
Man of the Town - Antolocus
The Army - Evan
The Unwashed Mass (original) - Barrett
Helen Gardener - Castallan of Castle Victory
Robert Green - Captain of the Guard/ Spokesperson for the people of Victory

Laws of Tuath Fasach:

1) Everyone has a right to trial by combat if they disagree with a law. They may choose a champion if they wish. Their champion may refuse.
2) It is illegal to accept money either to champion someone or to specifically not champion
3) There are two levels of crimes, malicious and mistaken.
4) Malicious crimes are those done knowingly for your own benifit.
5) Mistaken crimes are ones that happened without your knowing, and that if you could have prevented it, you would have.
6) The penalty for mistaken crimes is double the loss you caused others. If you are guilty of a mistaken crime that caused a death, your life is now devoted to making up for the loss of that life, through labor, wealth, and everything else within your means.
7) The penalty for Malicious crimes is all of your possessions going to those you have hurt, branding or maiming, and exhile. If your actions caused the death of another, then you will die in an appropriate manner.
8) If you plead guilty and waive your right to trial by combat, then the Lord Protector, Sheriff, or Accusor may reduce your penalty.

1) You must stay with either family members, or in a proper tavern while in Tuath Fasach.
2) All magics used by foreigners must be accepted by the Lord Protector or his mages, even if benevolent. Magics used in dire circumstances, such as self defense or saving a life, may be accepted after the fact, but you will be detained for 1 day while your case is heard.
3) Selling something which was aquired through a crime, or which is to be used in a crime, especially those items which have no legal use, is a crime against the state, and can be judged as a Mistaken crime by the Sheriff.
4) Any violence against the Sheriff, his deputies, or the Guard is illegal.
5) Any complaints about the Sheriff, his deputies, or the Guard will go straight to the Lord Protector.
6) There are no drow, demons, undead, dragons, or aspis permitted within the town walls. Other races we have recently fought may be included, please check with the Sheriff if you are concerned. Anyone who has a parent's parent who is one of these things is considered of that race.
7) Any action which causes harm to another person, which is not involved in the direct enforcement of these laws, and which is not in self defense or defense of Tuath Fasach, is illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, theft, murder, vandalism, threats, rape, swindling, lying, blasphamy, and treason.
8) Protection, Insurance, and Organization of the people is handled by the Lord Protector and his staff. No one else may offer such services without his permission. Your guards are permitted to protect you while traveling, but they may offer no such services while within our city, except in self defense. We will not have the rights of our residents threatened by your 'Guards' trying to keep you safe.
9) The Sheriff, his deputies, the Guard, or the Lord Protector may decree it illegal for any specific individual to carry weapons.
10) No Person, either resident or foriegn should enter the Northern Wilds for any reason. If they break this law, they do so at their own risk. Any action which threatens our peaceful border with the Northern Wilds will be dealt with harshly.

Map of Tuath Fasach/ Victory City/State


Craftsman, Goods and Services:

Tuath Fasach open air market is open to the public, so there is always quite a few merchants plying their wares here. Not all the merchants are permanent residents, so you never know what might be available in Tuath Fasach. Criminals are always caught, as the City is protected by Justari himself. Don't break the Laws in Tuath Fasach.

The Green Unicorn Tavern, Inn and Brewery:

Common Room Fare:
Breakfast: 2sp.
Lunch: 1sp.
Dinner: 3 sp.
  • specialty food and drinks are separately charged.

    Night's Lodging:
    Common room: 1 sp.
    Private room: 5 sp.
    Stabling: 2sp + 1sp for grain mash + 1sp for grooming.

    The Following Craftmen are currently located in Tuath Fasach:

    McTaggart's Butcher Block

    Victory Smithy
    Run by William Smith and Benjamen Standish

    Victory Ceramics

    Victory Tanners

    Glass Works, glassblower

    Wax Works, candlemaker

    Victory Barrels, barrelwright

    Jaccobi Leathers, leatherworker

    Victory Herbalist

    Feller Lumber, lumberjack

    Victory Carpenter:

    Sweet Surprises: BeeKeeper:
    Run by Damona Swift

    Victory Orchard:
    Run by Aowyn MacToshen
    Not due to have crop for a minimum of 4 years.

    Victory Grist Mill:

    Victory Smokehouse

    Ostler: Run by the Burning and Green
    Managed by Kenneth Gumbel

    Full Tapestry, Weavers

    Silver Threads, seemstresses:

    Good Table Tavern and Restaurant

    The Four Brothers of the Sythe, grain merchants

    Emeral Isle Shipping, wool merchants

    Red Arrow Imporium, furs and pelts

    The Golden Sheaf, grain merchants

    Banjan's Cloth, cloth merchant

    Nobel Touch, finery

    Tuath Fasach Faire:

    It has been a very interesting season here in Tuath Fasach, so the Tuath Fasach first annual Faire proves to be interesting as well.

    Running from October 9th to October 12th, the Faire promises food, crafts, and some competitions - and a feast for all those who attend the last day.

    Coal Town

    Coal Town, a small town 5 miles to the northeast of Victory, has just been established. Bases solely around a recently discovered vein of Coal, the town has very little to boast of right now, but land is available for purchase or rent, to farmers, merchants or other entrapeneurs, so long as they maintain a respect for the laws of Tuath Fashach, Coal Town and the Northern Wildes...
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