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Before That...2

From the late King Sir Pyr's files. - Iawen

Subject is CoalTown, and the Training of the Lord Mayor
This note comes across the desk on Wednesday, August 4th, 999 M.R., about a quarter to eight bells in the morning.

"I" is Peregrin. This is the 'file' about the Training and character of Daniel Truman, the Lord Mayor of Coal Town. He will be seeking you out soon to determine his current 'status', as he was sworn to the now deceased Lord Peregrin.

I want to spread word amongst the residents of Victory that I will be needing a Lord Mayor of the mining village, once the mining company starts real production. The Lord Mayor gets a piece of land big enough to farm on near the mine, but far enough away not to disturb their business. He or she also gets a home built there by Tuath Fasah and the right to name the mining village. Their duties are as follows:

1) Collect the 2 days work/month tax from each resident, to be used to maintain the village and its employees.
2) Hire the guards that the mining company needs (and pays for) and manage them.
3) Report to Victory once per week on the village's status.
4) Sell and rent land in the mining village to support the mining village.
5) Profit just enough to live as a Lord Mayor should, and help support Patrol.
6) As a Lord, he or she is responsible for the people in the village, keep things just, fair, and honest.
7) Corrupt Lords are executed.

To start, the village will just be the mine. The tax will be collected in grunt labor, clearing
(End Page 1)
land, making the area more inviting for others to settle. The Lord Mayor will probably run their own farm, and make sure that the Village doesn't become a den of thieves... Eventually, people will want to set up shops there, maybe a tavern and inn. The Mayor will handle that.

I am hoping to get an honest farmer in there, one who won't let it go to his head, one with friends in Victory... Maybe Justin Hollybrook, especially if he has found a potential wife by now...

--- Lord Mayor ---

A few people from Victory are interested in the position:
Christopher and Beckah Small - They are honest... Do I think they can handle the job? They are a bit too old.... knowing what little you do about miners and the sort likely to work in the mines, the position will most likely be better for someone who is a bit more rough and tumble... that, and they have young teen children...

Stephan Pratt - Last I knew, he had some amnesia left over from his time in the Citadel. Is he recovered? Honest? - No, he still has amnesia, and occasional bouts of depression, but has proven to be reliable and honest.

...and the Manure 'Merchant', a newcomer named Danial Trueman. End Page 2
He's a little new. I will encourage him in his entrepreneurial skills, but I don't know him, and I don't want him to be too ambitious with a village's livelyhood.... - He is ambitious, but has proven to be hard-working and honest. He is also literate, which the others are not... but yes, he is ambitious and somewhat young.

I am leaning towards the Smalls, personally, but if Stephen has talent and is an honest man, I will go with him...
"Danial, please come talk to me in my office..."

Given time to become presentable, he could be clean-shaven and washed up, in a relatively kept-well tunic and breeches and boots, smelling strong of soap... If not, he comes as you find him, which is not quite as presentable, considering his current trade... He's a big man, especially considering his age, which the guess is around 19-ish...

"I am looking for a Lord Mayor of the new mining village, and I hear that you are interested. You are very young, but you have a lot of energy... But energy isn't going to make a good Lord Mayor. The mayor position is a noble position, and it is responsible for all of the people in the village, keeping them safe, keeping them out of trouble, keeping crime out. The Lord Mayor will have to be strict, will have to execute or banish those who break laws. The Lord Mayor will also have to be kind, generous to the people of the(End Page 3) village. This is most important, the Lord is made up of his people, and if they are poor and miserable, then he is poor and miserable. I will not have any miserable Lords under me... and the penalty for malicious abuse of a Lord's power in Tuath Fasach is death. Do you think you can handle this?"

Daniel doesn't fidget much, but he is a bit nervous. "I can't claim I have experience in running towns, M'Lord, but I think I am just about as qualified as any common-born man or woman for the position," he smiles somewhat rakishly, "and I have the uncommon good firtune to know when I don't know something, and the uncomfortable habit of asking for help when I'm out of my element... So if I can't handle it, I'm not so foolish as to not step down..."

"Convince me that would be good for the job, that you can handle the responsibilities of nobility.."

"Well M'Lord, if I prove an irredeemable tyrant incapable of learning better, you can carry out law number seven with no complaint from me... though if you don't mind, I wouldn't object to a bit of training from your sheriff, captain of the guard, mayor, and yourself on HOW to do the job."

"Very well. This next week, you are to live at castle expenses. You are to meet with myself, The Captain of the Guard, and Helen, ad we will teach you some basic. If none of us are disappointed, you will be considered Lord Mayor of the mining village. Oh, you will have to swear fealty to me and Tuath Fasach before then.(End Page 4) Freeman can live under a lord without an oath, but a Lord must have his place. This does, however, permit you to build your own entourage, your own collection of supporters to help run things, although that is some time in the future. Oh, and check with the ostler and choose a Gelding. Lords ride.... To start, however, you will be little more than a glorified farmer. Until you convince people that it is easier to live in the mining village and farm than to ship food by wagon there, you won't have any farmers to keep you fed by working their two days a month in your fields. The miners will be giving us wood, make sure you collect enough for yourself and get a work detail to build you a house out there.
"Your main job will be keeping the miners happy and honest. They are not permitted to hire guards, so they will pay for guards through you. You can consider yourself captain of their guard to start, and draw a salary from them, but only until it starts interfering with your work. Merchants will hopefully decide that it is worth it for them to go out to the village and support the miners directly... But anyway, your responsibilities should grow slowly, and you are only five miles away from Victory, and can ask plenty of questions... Ah yes, the Northern Wildes. Don't go in there. Ever. If you have troubles, get word to me, and I will take care of it. If something comes out, well, that's why the mine will have to hire guards...." (still working. - I)
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