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A Month of Chicken Reports

August 8th, 999 - September 8th, 999

For those who don't know, the government of Tuath Fasach is changing hands. The Burning and the Green are apparently leaving, and Sir Pyr of Eagle's Rook has moved in to govern.

Current [PC] residents of Tuath Fasach: Simoon, Antolicus, Donovan, Evan, Arkydyne, Barret, Pyr, Korlis, Kail, Nosrat, and Decion (on and off).

A guard, Dax Ash, reports several changes around Victory: The Unknown Spirit has apparently 'blessed' the coming of Sir Pyr, or has taken note of the plight of the refugees from Caer Candra, as there are six fields of ripened potatoes (@300 barrels worth), wheat (@300 barrels), corn (@100 barrels), beans (@300 barrels), and other crops, from onions to carrots, to cabbage and zucchini...(@400 barrels misc.). In addition, the Spirit has finished building homes that were started, and gifted each of the farm plots with a modest barn. The building crew still needs to construct 30 more homes and barns, but will put off any new construction until the 'gift' harvest is brought in. (End Page 1)
  • Sir Pyr suggests that those down on their luck may apprentice, with consent of the townspeople of course, to learn a skill, with a 1 to 2 year servitude to learn a trade; this will pay off the foodstuffs being used this winter and expand the future commerce in TF.

    Helen counters the suggestion, with the following: all the people unable to work on their own farms are currently helping with either the community farms, foraging, and on the multitude of building projects. To Apprentice some of them might be good in the long run, but most of the folk are displaced farmers, and would prefer to keep up their tradition. There really aren't people with 'nothing' to do, just those that don't have bright prospects for the winter or harvest.
  • Some kind of teaching plan should be set up, in any case. Apprenticeship is happening in places, some folk sending their sons/daughters to learn trades and Ebineezer will teach those willing to learn the basics of reading/writing and math.
  • If they prefer to farm, they must aid i the construction of their farm, given there is land available to farm. Then Tuath Fusach will take a 25% of their crop to pay the winter's food and lodging as well as the debt of being given the acres and help to build the (End Page 2) farm. Helen tells Pyr that Peregrin gave land to families and farmers, the only 'cost' was the monthly tax. Did he intend to change that policy?
  • No Matter the solution, the poor should be fed and house as much as i s possible. That is already being taken care of to some extent, as Tuath Fusach started and continues to hold a high degree of community spirit. With the coming of the Highway will come faster and easier commerce and those that know a trade stand to do well. It is in our best interest to make sure our people are happy and well in their lives. A feeling that Peregrin echoed many a time while he lived.
  • Sir Pyr asks how Merchant's Crossing effects Tuath Fusach as a whole if it falls under Folkestone hands and what options are available to TF to keep the town independent. Merchant's Crossing was built to be the Trade Center of the country The crossing is strategically location at the intersection of 3 major roads. Trade has declined quite a bit since the Crossing fell into Folkestone hands. It is already theirs, so Pyr would have to renegotiate with the Lord of Folkestone to regain the land.
  • How much can the land produce in materials and commerce? Unknown, this was to be its first year in use, but the lands were turned over to Folkestone before any such data could be accrued. Is it enough to pay the debt? Again, unknown. It seems no-one but Peregrin, and perhaps Stuart knew the details of the arrangements. (End Page 3)
  • Does Victory has the resources to "float" Merchant's Crossing in the debt so that they may pay off said money over time? No.
  • Eagle's Rook does not have that much money to compensate, for much of their treasury has gone to re-construction of the Guthrevan castle, now Eagle's Rook Keep and the building of Sir Gonf's and Sir Pyr's private keeps. Their foodstuffs could possibly pay the debt, however that would leave both Eagle's Rook and Tuath Fasach defenseless against famine or drought, or a loss of merchant activity. There has already been some decline since Eagle's Rook lost its music two months back. It is unlikely that the Lords of Folkestone want foodstuffs and wares, or other 'invisible' items.

    Sir Pyr writes to Helen to ask how many horses are the Gumbles taking care of, minus the Creathorne horses (which we are getting at Queen of Hearts). If there are a goodly many, then if they can stay on to care for them, that is fine; the Stable hands at Eagle's Rook will be able to care for those that will be transferred. There are 50 other horses (all NCL or non-Creathorne legal), mostly geldings. *Also, if she could send him a copy of the most recent report, he would appreciate it. (End Page 4)

    (From here on out, the pages are scattered and out of order, but still within the set dates listed above. - Sir Iawen Penn)
    Potter: Nothing to report.
  • Preserver: She has added 200 more jars of preserves to Castle stores.
  • Scribe: has catalogued 200 out of 1200 books so far. Skilmming quickly and trusting his senses, he has found 40 of the books that don't feel right. He still hasn't located any in a common tongue.
    StoneMason: nothing to report.

    Victory City/State
  • Merhcant Stalls in use: 6-/64 (+42 renting merchants/18 'owned)
  • {Peasant Homes in Use 47/127 (several of the families (at 20 homes worth) are planning to move thinto their own wall home when they are completed).
  • Pesent/Resdiential/Farm Plots in Use/Worked On: in use/claimed/available: 110/138/154

    Farming: from Joseph Wicker:


    Gift Yield is completely harvested.

    Approx yields from Victoyr fields:
    Grain- 300 barrels - harvest in late sept
    Potatoes - 150 barrels harvest in early oct
    Sweet potatoes - 50 barrels - harvest in mid oct
    Root vegetables - 150 barrels - harvest as wanted 30/150 harvested
    Leafy Vegtables - 50 barrels - harvest mid sept
    Gourds - 100 barrels - harvest as wanted 10/100 harvested
    Other (tomatoes, beans, spec) - 50 barrels 5/50 harvested

    Forage and Hunting:
    Forage and Hunting 'tax' has been enough for now. Some stocks have been stored. Berries, nutes, and mushrooms have been gathered. Meat is scared right now. A concerted efoort (Page "2") will need to be made soon to keep up the stores of meat.

    Petitions: Petitions have finally stopped, as the harvest season approaches. Patrols have been put to guarding the city instead of hiring out.

    Colton: Population: People of Tuath Fusach: 38, Coal Miners: 97

    Guard: The permanent Garrison is complete. the garrison currently has 18 people in all. Ten full-time guards, the captain, the cook, a quartermaster and 5 raw recruits for training and part-time working.

    Buildings: No changes Coal Miner's Buildings: No changes
    Business: a general store is in business. Woodcutters are doing very well.

    Total Inventory:

    Castle Inventory: Castle Residents/Dependents: (88) (increase of 25 people)
    COWS: 26 milk cows, 1 bull, 24 calves(end Page 3)
    26 milking cows - produce nearly 125 gallons of milk per day in 2 milkings.

    12 male calves (1 born Dec/Jan, 1 born Feb, 11 born in March)
  • 10 scheduled for slaughter in October at Harvest Fair
    - 1 slaughtered last week for food
    11 female calves (5 born Jan, 2 born Feb, 4 born in March)
    All scheduled to be bred in March of next year, and to replace old milk cows.
    1 will dry out in October, calve out in December
    10 will dry out in November, calve out in January
    15 will dry out in December, Calve out in February

    (5 of the November dry cows will be traded for milking cows at the Givaway)

    One Bull*

  • OXEN
    2 pull trained oxen
    Hens: 300 Cock: 30
    Current Breeding Stock: 100 (will increase gain in September to roughly @ 1200 mature chickens per month)
    Egg Laying Stock: 200 (Egg Production: @200 per day, @2-3 eggs per person, per day Excess being sold cheaply or with barter to needy families.)
    Egg laying stock will be upgraded to 250 hens after the fowl givaway.

    Hens: Gain @50 mature hens per week. (Sept should average @150)
    Capons/Food: Eat @200 capons/old hens per month (roughly 50 per week, mostly soup, ((End Page 4))occasional roasts. by september, we should have enough chickens to feed everyone at least one chicken roast every week, roughly 150 for slaughter per week.)
  • three weeks ago (8/9) we stopped slaughtering hens and cocks, and are storing up for the 'great fowl givaway' in September. Meat stores are low, and so will be supplimented with castle funds.
    There are now 160 hens available, we need 600 for the fowl givaway, and 13 cocks available, we need 60. There were 54 capons for slaughter, all used for soups (@8 per day, for 83 people.)

    10 sows, 17 immature sows. 3 boars, 3 immature boars.
    46 piglets born in Feb - 3 m, 20n, 15f (will mature in November) 5 f will be bred in November. (piglets being saved from the slaughter as long as possible. Shooting for October's Harvest Fair.)
    65 piglets born in June - 3m, 10n, 40f (will mature March 1000)
    4 sows have been bred in August, expecting in March
    6 sows will be bred in February.
    5 new sows, will be bred November.
    12 new sows, will be bred in March.

    12 Creathorne legal-riding horses (produce 5 colts every year)
    6 mares (NCL)
    2 m colts (march 999) NCL
    4 f colts (march 999) NCL
    1 stallion (NCL)
    37 geldings (NCL)(PAGE 5)

    SHEEP: 35 female, 15 male. To be bred now, @30 lambs expected for May.
  • ***********

  • ****
    775 jars Preserves (fruit and nut butters) (use @40 jars a week) (gained @200 jars this week from the preservers work)
    22 barrels (50 rounds) Cheeze/40rnds - (use @1/2 barrel a week, net gain @1/4 barrel per wk.) (20 barrels slated for 'great fowl givaway)
    335 barrels Grains (Corn/Wheat): (use 10 per week.)
    5.25 barrels cooking oils (1/4 per week, for breads mostly)
    60 barrels cider/beer/wine (10 per wk, cooking & drinking)
    90 barrels of beans (started use, 5 per wk)
    8 gallons of honey (1/4 gallon a wk) (*net gain 1/2 gallons a wk)
    No forage left. As forage comes in, it is used. Have about 4 gallons on standby.
    125 barrels of Potatoes. (5 barrels a wk)
    50 barrels of Vegestables (use 15 b a wk whiel fresh. Much of this stock being canned, pickled, or otherwise preserved)
    70 barrels of pickled/canned vegetables - for use later.
    21 barrel Oats (use @1 barrel a week - using grain instead of oats when possible)

    125 gallons of milk a day per two milkings
    25 for drinking (@1/4 gallon per person per day)
    15 used for cream, whey, yogert, cooking, and butter
    60 gallons toward cheeze making (@6 rnds per day - @42 rnds per week.) ((PAGE 6))
    - Produce roughly 3 barrels a month

    three good sized sturdy horse or oxen pulled carts
    1 one-horse cobblers wagon
    4 two horse medium wagon
    37.25 cord of dry wood remaining (Castle used 1/4 cord this week)
    produce @ 1 c dry wood per week - halted due to harvest (Castle will need rougly 30 cords for the winter alone)
    110 barrels of coal. Waiting for later use (gain 10 barrels through taxes at beginning of each month)
  • **
    Money Spent & Taxes Earned:
    EBON: Steer Purchased - none, this week, he hunted instead
    SPECIAL PROJECTS: Ebineezer's Paper: 5 gp
    ROOM TAX: This week 6.6 gp from Green Unicorn (if booked solid every night, max tax = 14 gp a week) 6.6 gp from the new inn, "The Wander's Stop" (max 10 gp a wk)
    RENT: + 45 gp this week
    'Renting' Craftsman:
    +41 merchants (5 left, 5 entered)
    Banjan's Cloth, Noble Touch- Finery, Money Changer, Woodcarver
    Purchased Shops:
    A second bakery: 100 gp debt, has paid 40 gp, taxes are discount product to TF castle staff. A second seamstress/tailor: 100 gpo debt, has paid 30 gp, taxes are working 8 days of the month at the castle.
    Purchased Residental Areas: none
    Total Gain for Treasury: 72.2 gp
    Dragoin costs: 4 gp - Dragon ate 2 old steer - appetite has increased greatly
    Castle Maintence: 25 gp (purchased meat 14 gp, 2 casks salt 6 gp, and misc 5 gp)
    Castle Staff/Guards: 21.4 gp/week
    total spent 50.4 gp
    total gained 72.2 gp
    total gain for the week: 21.8 gp

    Current Treasury: 1252 gp, 2 sp, 25 gems (Becks, Rowan, and Manchester traded for gold with local money changer for small fee)

  • Taxes: (to be collected Wednesday but have been given early)
    1 tapestry (put to cover drafty walls)
    10 barrels whole grain (added to stores and eaten) (got oats as stores were low)
    forage and game, eaten as arrived
    2 bolts cloth (being processed for clothing for the guards by new tailors) 1 pc furniture, 2 older steer (to be slaughtered for meat, for Ebon's food) (Ebon will get them next week (END PAGE 8)

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