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Felwood: Many wyverns of different colors, varying sizes, and interesting personalities have popped up overnight. Some are flying out and branching into other areas of Chimeron, but there are never less than five kicking around the members of the Felwood (whether in trees or other places), watching the people as if they were holy beings (especially Hope).

Eagle's Rook: More and more travelers are interested in the place for Curt, ever since a prophet has appeared, rambling about Getting Things Done before the Spring Equinox. His words seem to bolster the spirits of some people, though, as repairs usually left to the Spring are being attempted at some smaller homesteads and buildings in the remaining days of December, instead. The prophet also mentions that he is looking for one BattleMage of Curt, young and yet old at the same time.

Wendmor: A shrine to The Beast has been made, placed near to the Curt shrine.

Eastern Borderlands(The Great Swamp): Lights have been seen bobbing around the edges before going underground.
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