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Now that the snows have melted and the air begins to stir with spring, the lands of Chimeron, as barren as they still can be, have begun to show signs of life. Peasants have begun to rebuild old settlements and efforts to re-seed the greenery have been many, and proved fruitful.

There have been noticed that not all places have recovered well after Bedlam receded. There are pockets of what the Peasants have called "corruption" where nothing is able to grow and anything living that enters into the area is slowly destroyed.

Alternately, the returning peasants have been distressed. Children have been wandering off (as children are wont to do at times) but they have not been returning. So far, 10 children have disappeared in this fashion. Anyone seeing children wandering off in Chimeron unattened are asked to alert the Militia or local towns.
Eastern Realms shook late last night as a volcano exploded. Ash could still be seen this morning as it blackened the sky over the Shadowlands
Southern Ekembria/Barony of Val'Dara: On the southern borders that touch The Great Swamp (known to some as the Eastern Borderlands), there has been at night repeated activity of low bobbing yellow lights, small, sometimes in pair. None have gotten close to truly investigate, but at dawn and until the light is gone, there is nothing stirring that can be seen.
Ruins of Fey Reach and ruins west: Bands of oddly-marked elves have been patrolling the areas surrounding the ruins, warning those on the Road North/South and the borders to "keep their distance". The elves seem to also have no problems filling those who do not listen full of arrows and leaving them for Nature to take its course.
Ivory: There are rumors of arrests on a cult that was caught making deals with demons in return for their descendants amassing forms of power (wealth, magic, et cetera). While only a few arrests have been made, there is concern as they were discovered when attempting to infiltrate the Ivory Library: an unseen force paralyzed them where they stood, hands on the main doors until guards had arrived.
Eastern Ashenmark:

Frequent tremors have been reported in several villages and outposts in the area ranging from weak to moderate in strength. The structural damage resulting in these tremors seem to be insignificant and any associated injuries are minor. The source of these tremors have yet to be discovered.
Misty Hills: The Orc tribe and the Mystics have put their might and magic together in peace to begin weaving a safe haven tower, but are looking for labor help and donations from the Realms. They've also put up a tiny library with a tavern, but the only book within it at the moment seems to be a short story about a young man named Lucien. They are looking for more donations there as well.
Across the Realms:
There are bards from various places attempting to pen epic prose and praise regarding the Realms timeline as of late. A chance meeting in Wendmor with both a former Guardian of Darkvale of some repute, and another man who was the Blackwood Prince, Nigel (some say still is) ages the actual recordings of the recent Realms at almost close to thirty years, but encouraged the bards to find more active members of the Realms community who might have a better memory.
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