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Across the Realms:
Somewhere, a conclave of movers and shakers within the adventuring community met for the majority of a day into the evening. And then, somehow, magically across the lands and other areas, The Way of Things began to shift.

As most of the denizens are usually used to this annual occurrence, the common folk have wondered more often if there isn't perhaps a way to gain some sort of holiday or other types of influence to mark its importance.

Eagle's Rook: Usual patrols in the evening that monitor the forest near-by are reporting a larger number of varying-sized blue lights appearing and disappearing than usual for the winter season. A theory is that the will'o'the'wisps are left unchecked in general since the rebirth of Faerie into the Fae Wildes. Another theory is that it could be 'god energy' gone loose, but which god is anyone's guess.

On the path towards the Oasis in Achoria, a territory of Blackwood: a woman carrying a very old, wrapped sword on her back has been asking for stories and telling older ones in return. She also is teaching those who care to listen the way to make a sort of tack-bread, good for carrying on long quests.

Paradise: The lands that formerly housed the city are made up of the same 'blank slate' that the lands of Chimeron were granted and woods/forest that some have wondered are leftover as a gift from older times, from one race to another. However, a gray elf dressed in Achorian-style gear is asking for help to explore under the land's surface to see if the hidden temples to the Five Ladies survived the Bedlam onslaught, a task to be taken on in the late summer/early fall. The gray elf is also claiming to be backing the Paradise Coin as well.

Wendmor/Wendnor: The people are still searching for any information or for the whereabouts on the trio that addressed his Majesty King Alexander Cecil at the Feast of Chimeron last year.

North of Millhaven, near Stonewood Borders: A man, ranting and raving in broken common, is requesting that any high-ranking member of Stonewood come and meet with him in neutral ground because of a dangerous foe he wishes to hunt. Most have dismissed the mad ravings, but have kept a safe distance as he wields a terrible spiked club.
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