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In Wendmor, a shrine to Curt has begun being built.

Tarngire scouts, which have not seen some activity in some time, reports that a dead drow in a white and blue outfit was dumped off on their western borders. Attempts to figure out whom the person was through Seance or other means have met with no results, and as such they're chalking it up to Underdark politics possibly starting up again on the surface.

Mayerling scouts out of Fort Oakenbrook report that the bloodstone mining operation in the Auld Woods region of the Southern Wastes continues. As before, the work forces consist of a mix of indigenous goblins and trolls, with the occasional presence of the katta. Further katta sightings have been reported well afield of their usual hunting grounds, in the direction of Fort Oakenbrook. Mayerling hopes to take a task force of the Oaken Guard to investigate in the near future.

In Wendmor, a shrine to Curt has been finished and dedicated.

Small packs of undead have been sighted on the mountains of southern Chimeron. They have killed no livestock or people, they simply appear to be traveling.

The village of Wildwood sits near an abandoned silver mine. The village was also home to a hot spring and bathhouse in years past. After the fall of Bedlam, it was resettled as a hunting village. The hot spring seems to have disappeared.

The White Rowan bandits have been stepping up attacks on caravans and travelers. They have left all victims alive but penniless.

A man in a brown cloak has been buying and unusual amount of fresh beef, particularly from bulls and steers. One butcher commented that he bought an entire bull off him before even the skin had been taken off.
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