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As word travels at varying degrees of speed throughtout these Realms, some may already know this, some may not.

I, Trent Shadowdragon, am once again the Lord of Achoria.

Achoria remains a Province of Blackwood, as I have chosen to return to my first nation of the Realms.

As Knight of the Silver Chalice, I will also assume Stewardship of Rathkeale, until the Emperor Artex Bluebane's return, or another is appointed.

Having long since fallen out of active worship, I also wish to make clear that I no longer consider myself a follower of Arioch. My heart is, as it has been since it's inception really, with the Five Ladies, a religion started under my watch in Achoria.

To the people of Paradise in particular, and all other refugees currently sheltered in Achoria, you will remain as guests, I am honored that you would take refuge here. I am saddened by the loss of my friend Nero, we were like brothers, opposite sides of a coin to be fair, but damn near inseperable for a time. His people, those who lived in the nation that his dream created, will always be welcome in Achoria.

To the bakers of Achoria, continue baking. I will import enough grain to make both beer and bread. But I'd keep your doors locked, just in case.

I would urge any of you with connections in Achoria to seek me out, either in person, or by messenger. I would like to know who is actually living in Achoria, and what changes need to be made to prepare for an eventual strike from Bedlam, or the ShadowKing, or one of our countless enemies.

Or just perhaps I'm the one who will be crazy enough to strike first.

Trent Shadowdragon
Lord of Achoria
Knight of Chaos
Knight of Blackwood
Knight of the Silver Chalice
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