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Syra of The Grey Company

Greetings heroes of the Realms,

I have done what I can to descipher the notes left by my compatriots, and scouted.

I have found what appears to be a guarded door to what is possibly the lair of the Shadow-Wright Childrak.

This Door is located in the lands of Tuath Fasach, due east of the city called "Victory".

The site of the lair is very, very nearly the same location that the Nameless One's prison was erected.

I find the co-incidence unsettling.

I have seen some activity near the lair, but am hesitant to get too close without first making this report.

- Syra Lightmane

Scout of the Grey Company (02/08/12)
Greetings adventurers of the Realms,

I recieved this message, and thought I might answer it not only to Aris, but to all that might ask the same:

To Syra Lightmane,

It is my understanding that the Shadow Wright known once as Childrak was destroyed in the war against the Nameless One in the year 996. How can it be proven that the lair uncovered belongs to the deceased Shadow Wright? What evidence do you have that suggests that it is a remnant of the Wright's?

If it is the lair of the Shadow Wright, what can we expect to find there? Knowledge? Or simply dust and shadow?


I have done some research, and learned that Childrak was not destroyed in 996.
The Shadow Wright destroyed at that time was called "Zallord" and he was Braeling to the Nameless One.
Childrak became a Shadow-Wright after that time, under the direction of a vampiress named Tabitha.
Adventurers of the realms destroyed Childrak in the summer of 2002.

The only way to 'prove' that the lair belonged to Childrak (or a deceased Shadow Wright) would be to go in, which would be foolish for me to do alone.
As for evidence, I found the lair going by the maps and descriptions left by my compatriots from years ago - they were hunting a Shadow Wright. Additionally, the magical essense of the place does suggest blood magic and shadow magic - both qualities of a Shadow Wright. There is also a good deal of chaos magic about the place as well, which I find odd.

As for what is in the lair, I have no idea what to expect. It would depend on what kind of person (and I use that term loosely) Childrak was. I find it unlikely that he kept the place secret from his mistress only to house dust and shadow, however, so would guess that there are minimally things that Childrak would have found of value within.

Additionally, I find your message carrier insulting, Aris. Please do not use such with me (or other Canteadan) in the future.

Syra Lightmane
Grey Company
Friend of Hawks, Eagles and other living birds. (02/08/12)
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