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Airavarri has returned

This scroll can be found in any and all taverns and inns that would allow the carrier to post its message. Written neatly but with quick strokes:

Before the rumors spread as they tend to do in these lands I will confirm the biggest one yet. Yes, I Sir Airavarri Nosetti of House Nosetti have returned. I will also have you know that I am who I say I am and was identified correctly after the ritual. Any doubts about this should be kept to yourself, I will not have people questioning my word or honor as a Knight. Again I state I am Sir Airavarri Nosetti of House Nosetti who is Wild Elf and Sheshawnii Fae, I am a Necromancer and Seer as I was before and as I will continue to be. I am also a proud Priest of Diskordia and Druid, sworn protector of the Twilight Fae.

No longer will I wear any nation's color until the war against Bedlam has been won. The time for inaction has come and passed, we need to be leading the offensive. I have spoke to several people who have filled me in on the current assault. Currently I know where I must go;, South, far South. What exactly I am looking for will make itself known to me when I arrive there. I have a message that must be delivered when the time is right, the time now is not right, I will answer no questions about this at this time.

Further more I pity the ones who thought my light had been extinguished, I can not imagine what pain I have caused you in my absence. Shame on the ones that actively tried to deny my loved ones their right to hope. The few who did this should be ashamed of themselves and may they eventually find the strength to come to terms with how broken they are. Anyone who would deny the hope and faith another is a monster of the darkest kind. May you find your light before the darkness consumes you.

For those who might have thought that I was trapped in Bedlam this entire time, rest assured that I have not. Once I crossed that threshhold into the blackest void of all, the most pure whitest of white lights surrounded me and there I have rested until this Saturday's past.

My words may sound harsh and scribed with haste but there is much to be done with little time to spare. The darkest hour is almost upon us and I hope by the time that clock hand strikes its note we will be ready to beat it back.

I ask all and anyone who reads this missive to begin to ready yourselves against our common enemy. Sharpen your blades, clear your minds, open your hearts, allow the Light to surround you! We must, must rally as a whole in this fight if we have chance to win. Share your information, work together, unite our Gods, and so help the ones who would stand against the unified Realms!

In service to the lands we all call home,
Sir Airavarri Nosetti of House Nosetti
Priest of Diskordia
Knight of Dragon's Ire
Knight of the Peacock
Squire to the Order of the Magi

PS. If you absolutely need to get in touch with me, I will be staying in my tower/harem in the lands of Sharangil.
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