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University of Highbridge Feb

Type of Missve: Public
Date: February 26th, 1012 M.R.
Responses: Unknown
Dear Friends and Allies,

I am very pleased to report that the University of Highbridge has been having a wonderful first year. We have been working on building a foundation to ensure that the University is a permanent and positive presence in the Realms, advancing the causes of magic, wisdom, and learning in the Realms through academic study and active mentorship. In the coming year, you will be hearing and seeing a lot more from us.

In that vein, I have three pieces of news:

OPEN ENROLLMENT - The University accepts applications from students at any time throughout the year, with the emphasis on placing students with advisors at the beginning of the Spring and Autumn terms. With the Spring term approaching, please contact me directly if you would like to join the University as a student or graduate student. (If you previously sent an application and I haven't yet replied, you have my sincere apologies-- Please contact me again.)

TEACHING POSITIONS - The University is also looking for more Lecturers and Professors to join our faculty. The process here works a bit differently-- If you know of someone who would make an excellent teacher in the magical or academic disciplines, please recommend them to us. (You can contact me and Rector Faelinn initially.) If you would like to be a teacher yourself, I suggest you ask a member of faculty about recommending you.

CLASS DAY - The University will be hosting our first Open Class Day during the Autumn Term this year. This will be an open house at the University, where any adventurers can come and participate in some very special classes. Expect more announcements from us soon!

I will finish this missive with a suggestion (to my students and faculty) and a question for all of you--

STUDENTS AND FACULTY - Rather than explaining what we do by myself, I would rather all of you be the voice of our institution. Now may be a good time to reply, and share your experiences and impressions of the Univeristy so far.

EVERYONE WHO LIKES TO EAT - This may be jumping the gun a bit, but I have been wondering-- How would you feel about a Feast where the menu was requested by Atticus the Red, once nearly exiled from the City of Ivory for his enthusiastic interpretation of the phrase "all you can eat", and that menu provided by Demetria Highwater, famous for running the kitchens at recent Feasts of Chimeron?

Many Thanks,
Atticus the Red (M.Mag Wiz.)
Chancellor of the University of Highbridge
Acting Dean of Wizardry
Magus of the Realms
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