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Hunkara and Core Event Chamber

Hunkara: This place is where they wrongly executed a woman simply known as The Fire Witch. The place where the Silent War was fought, where it wages on. It is a ruined castle, a war being fought within and without. Priestess fight outside, where Delith and their twisted elementals fight, fighting to get inside, to where the Core Event Chamber, to where they believe they can free her from where she was cast.

Core Event Chamber: It is where the Curse was let loose, with the entry of the Strangers and their Pretenders. The room itself is vast, with obsidian, carved pillars, depicting death and actions of evil one's mind can't wrap around, as though staring at them for too long will corrupt your soul. All about the room are bodies of the dead. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, maybe more. They're everywhere. Fresh and ancient, of creatures you have and have never seen.It feels like danger, anger, murder, hatred and determination. It's a combination of the darkest and most holy righteousness one's mind can comprehend or stand. Fear is not felt here. At the far end of the room is a large black gate. Symbols around the door glow a red/purple light. The doors of the gate open into the room, with depictions of more madness. There are massive grooves in the floor, as if a mighty force has pushed the gate open, the black doors slightly buckled from the force. Beyond the door is Keldathin. The only clear space is between the dark gate and the center of the room. On the floor there, about 60 feet from side to side, is a shining circle upon the floor. The symbol within looks like a silver "7".

There is a woman in a white tabbard in the middle of the circle. In her left hand she holds a 8 foot tall white staff that glows orange, topped with a shining orange sphere. In her right hand is a scimatar of blinding steel. This is Ari, former Avatar, now Goddess. She fights the Silent War within the ruins, keeping it from spreading past the room.

Keldathin: The place beyond the gates in Hunkara's Core Event Chamber. You can feel that beyond those doors, there is nothing but pain.
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