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About the World

(I apologize for this long bit as well. It's a good chunk of how the world is and how it works. -Phee)

Society and Hierarchy
This information was told to me by Traveller Johannes, in a discussion where he taught me of the society of Red Autumn.

The Emerald Throne: It is the ultimate seat of Power. Red Autumn is ruled by One person and One only. The ruler may have a mate, but their mate will never share the power. The Royal Line is traced back from daughter to mother, supposedly all the way back to the Children of Red Autumn, which were the offspring of the Great Lady Incarnate. In general, the position is always given to a woman in the line, although on occasion you will see a male ascend the throne.

It is fairly easy to tell if someone is born of the Royal Line: they all have 3 things in common. They have the Hand of the One: the ability to cast all Abjury Magic given to us by the Great Lady without need of words, components or even the Abjury Cannon. They have the Hand of Healing: the ability to heal most anything. And most importantly, they have the Mark of the One, which is a tear shaped birthmark on their left shoulder. Some have tried to claim the line, but these traits are inherent since birth. And none but the line can produce all three of these traits.

The Queen Lestia was the last ruler. Upon her death, the Princess Talia was supposed to take her place. But the Princess never made it to the throne. Since then, none has been found that can hold the Throne for longer than a day, for Princess Talia was the last of the Royal Line.

The Council: The leading governing body. It consists of 7 Commoners who represent the 7 main districts of Red Autumn (The Spire, The Greenway, The Lakes, The Dunnwich, The Bloodmere, The Winterland and The Fringe), 7 of the leading Members of the Order of the One, and normally, the King or Queen of the Emerald throne. For most matters, a Simple Majority is needed to pass any item. When there is someone on the Throne, their job is to break any deadlocks.

At the time of creation, it used to be 7 Commoners, 7 Weavers and 7 of the Order. At the time Queen Lestia was crowned, however, The Weavers made a coup for power and almost won. But the Queen, a mere girl of 14, was successful in getting out of the Spire and into the Safety closest to the Spire, now called Sanctuary for this reason. Her story is long, suffice to say she regained her throne. The Weavers were either hunted down and killed, or exiled to Outland. With the aid of the Great Lady, she learned how to fashion the Can-or as a weapon. The result was the Blasted Lands, a ring of null magic around all of Red Autumn.

The Order of the One: The priestly Order that won the battles of the Great War. They are the religious force of Red Autumn, and they are the police force. Only Divine Magic is allowed in Red Autumn, and anyone who has Divine Power is placed in the Order as soon as they show the Blessing of the God, which usually appears during their Trials. Anyone with magical ability who is not in the Order, or of Royal Descent, is outcast or is killed. Since the Order has the only real magical abilities, they tend to keep things in line.

The Autumn Guard: By far the most populated and popular of any of the political powers. All men and women when they come of age (12 years old) are placed into the Guard to the trained for 7 years. After which time, they may choose what vocation they wish to go into, or they may remain in the Guard for life. The Guard is a very strict and disciplined life. However, many people remain in the Service of the Guard because it is one of the only ways to advance in Red Autumn society. They are where the most honorable and good of the people reside, believing they are protecting their country and helping to effect change for the better and to keep another Great War from occurring.

Commoners: They have their own basic democratic structure for electing people to various positions. The higher positions, Like Mayor, or Councilor, usually will go to the families who have been in them before. They are in those positions for life, or until someone dies and they can advance. This system is very old. While most do try and do their office for the good of the Realm, they are prone to bribery and doing risky deals for monetary or political gain and standing.

Servants: They are some of the most revered in the Red Autumn society. A Servant is any person who is or who has Served the Binesi. They are keen minded people who must learn the languages and ways of the bird people and act as ambassadors between the two cultures. They are represented as part of the Fringe on the Council.

Bondsmen or Bondswomen: This refers to any that are in customer service, be it a Chamber Maid, a Tavern Keep, a stablehand and the like. If you had any vocation not aforementioned or were not farmers by trade, you were called a Bondsman. The common word for them is a “Rent”, but this is bad slang and is used as a derogatory term, not to be used in polite company. Slaves are rare, but are also part of this Caste.

Masters or Mistresses: These are Bondsmen that own their own establishment for whatever service they render, or are Home Makers.

In terms of Justice and this heirarchy; there is no Court system in Red Autumn. Depending on the situation, any of The Order, The Autumn Guard, The Council or Common Law listens to the case, and passes laws set down by their caste, for their caste, or the Laws set by the Council. If you are found guilty, you pay the price the law demands. If you can not pay that, you are Outcast, made an example of, or killed. There are sometimes cases where a combination of punishments occurs.
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