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Laika & Janus & More

Written by: Aven
Date: June 15th, 1009 M.R.
Whilst working together in the Chimeron Castle library, Laika looked around to make sure the old Librarian, Stanley, wasn't near-by. "Hey. Hey, Janus. I got a Dream last night; it's so weird, but I think it's not just a random dream. It might have something that I need to accomplish, would you like to hear it?"
Janus Kil'tra arched an eyebrow as he raised his head from his work. "Really? You want to share it me?"
"Certainly not that shady clubs guy."
"It's so funny how many people assume Clubs is evil or something," Janus replied, his tone slightly sarcastic as he made room for Laika and the other stool.
Laika shook his head. nah I just don't want clubs to realise he's the evil twin and try to dopplegang Janus...oh wait..." and he grinned as Janus sighed and shook his head. "So... Dream?"
"It was a dream just for me! No one else on the Dreams list got it, so I assume it's something special."
"Laika, just tell me already."
"Right. Well..."
Janus's face took on a puzzled look. "Hrm...this feels familiar, but I'm not sure why..."
"I think if it's in the past, it could be myself as the shadow... of course, my guess is as good as yours," said Laika, stretching his arms and back out a bit before returning to his forward stance on the stool. "If it's written in the present or future, it could be that 'atog' creature I banished several months ago."
Janus shook his head, turning to face Laika. "No...this is something else. I have a strange feeling this is what's happening in the dream, although this is all wild conjecture so take it with more than a grain of salt. One of The Five Counselors is chasing after Nimbus, as in trying to court her, and time flies whenever they are together, but time starts turning dark, and something catches the counselor off-guard. The counselor is about to be trapped, killed, or something by something they should have noticed, and now feel sad, but built something amazing they let into the mortal realms."
Laika blinked and stared at Janus. Janus stared back. "O-okay," said Laika, his brow wrinkling up a bit. "Where is that from?"
" 'You're running down the hill, chasing after her', there is a female involved that you are chasing, but it doesn't seem she is running, and they reference many moments together. Seasons are a common indicator of time in relation to one's life."
"Yup," said Laika, "but where did you get that counselor information from? I showed it to Rel and he had no clue where it was from."
"From what I've heard, many of the counselors were in love with Nimbus...and if I remember correctly, Rosetta was one of them. I also heard a story recently where Rosetta was working with something or someone, which I can't remember the motivations behind, but I think to prove he was the best to Nimbus and last I heard, this something led to a lot of the betrayal that happened."
Laika scratched his head. "It could be Gwydion the Inventor, though."
"It could, yes." Janus regarded the ceiling as he thought some more. "May I make a suggestion for a follow-up seer question?"
Laika waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. "I already threw a vision, asking to as what it was called that I created."
Janus frowned. "You cast a vision for the name of it rather that what it looked like?"
Laika smiled. "I was debating with Rel for some time, but he feels if we have a name of it first we can at least have a basis of what it is. Also you can't get names all too often from FTs. Also: if I created an entity, I can in theory seance it!"
"True... if it's dead. Although, if you determine it's safe, you can seance the woman from the dream, or the person who the dream's point of view came from."
"That's it then," Laika stood, stretching his back out again. "There are three questions in the dream, who is the woman, what is the creature, and what do I create. I will try to decipher each one."
"Four," corrected Janus. "Four questions, and who was the dream's point of view from."
"Well yes but I'm fairly sure it's not of my own, and if it is the counselors, theory might be out," said Laika, shrugging his shoulders.
Janus turned back to his work. "Not necessarily...there have been weird stuff like that in the past. For example: Ged."
"Also Rel and I believe Harlest was once part of masks," said Laika over Janus's reply, "though Harlest's said he doesn't want anything or anyone to mess with his past."
"I see," replied Janus, not looking up from his work. "But isn't Harlest a Kitsune, and not a dream?"
"Yeah, but him and I were going over things and it was seeming to relate that he was in fact Masks," said Laika, walking around the desk to be across from Janus.
"Also, it doesn't hurt to know that this guy, right here, Laika, is at least quasi-fae right now!" he exclaimed, bending down and putting his arms on the desk for added emphasis. Janus didn't look up. Laika paused, then sighed.
"Wouldn't that imply Bebe would be Rel?"
Laika blinked. "Bebe?" he repeated.
"Sorry, I meant Bee-Bee," Janus corrected himself.
"Still confused," said Laika, now standing. "What's a bee-bee?"
"Rel's servant."
"Huh. Never knew he had one." Laika pondered this for a bit.
"All the counselors had one," said Janus. "Masks had Harlest, Rel had Bee-Bee, Mab had Nimbus. ...I don't think we know the others."
"Enough about them; back to the dream," Laika said quickly. "The first part seems to touch on how I react to evil things, not to mention Aurora...well, except for the ears bit. The only difference is that that I'm elven and not human, though the Khae Ossrim look like humans, and kill those who look like elves."
"True," murmured Janus, looking at a page, then he paused. "Wait: they kill people who look like elves?" he asked, looking up.
"Fae'rii are demonic/elven half breeds."
"So the Khae Ossrim kill Fae'rii, who happen to look like elves, not kill those who look like elves...right?"
"Yes," and Laika gave a nod. "Most KO have harsh distrust in the elves since they made a pact with Kaipheron. Little do many know that the Fey'rii are actually our cousins of the 9th house. The truth of that situation would break everything we've fought for and its one rule among the houses is to live equally and without qualms for your cousins."
Janus blinked a couple of times. "Right...I think I knew that...the House of Balance?"
"Correct." Laika nodded.
There was a long pause between the two men. "Well... then if you already talked this over with Rel, now that you're armed with more information, maybe you could could seek him out again?" suggested Janus.
"Janus believes my dream was that of one of the counselors who was in love with Nimbus," said Laika.
"Possibly," replied Rel Zhirah, who was also poring over a book elsewhere in Chimeron Castle.
"He thinks it might have been Rosetta."
Rel nodded, not looking up from his book. "Possibly."
"Is that all you can say?" asked Laika, annoyed.
Rel smiled calmly, though his blue eyes were full of mirth. "Possibly." He marked his place and closed the book, now matching his pace with Laika's.
"Janus said that it was believed Rosetta created something to impress Nimbus before he was lost to the Mysts."
"That would be interesting. You get an answer to your Vision?"
"Not yet," mumbled Laika, running a hand over his short cropped hair. "What are the five counselors associated with, anyway? The Colorless? Think I should write a copy of the Dream down and show it to Ged?"
"The Five Counselors are tied to The Five Counselors," replied Rel, getting a far-away look in his eyes. "You can and see if Ged had the same dream."
"Pfft, I doubt it," Laika shook his head. "No one else on the Dream list did."
"Doesn't mean Faerie didn't give it to someone else, too," replied Rel.
"You have a servant?" Laika quickly changed the subject. Rel nodded. Laika peered at an art piece as they kept walking, then said, "I just read the Gwydion story and that could fit the story a little bit too..."
Once again, Rel nodded. "Maybe."
"I gotta wait for the vision to come back then we'll work from there; Janus did point out the fourth question from the dream, of 'who am I?' which does fit," Laika said, going back to the Dream. "So... who is Ged tied to? Rosetta?" Rel nodded. "Same soul?" Another nod. "It could also be Masks, though I thought Masks already had a story that was different," said Laika.
"Masks is also a Deep Fae," said Rel nonchalantly.
"I guess now I think of it," continued Laika over the mage, "if it is a counselor, it'd be easy to determine which one it is through color analysis--wait, what? A Deep Fae being...?"
"A Deep Fae," Rel repeated, smiling.
Laika rolled his eyes. "So specific."
"The original denizen of Fae," said Rel. "They are like Gods."
"I'm aware," said Laika, mildly annoyed, "how does that relate though?"
"They wouldn't have the same mortal defenses."
"Okaaay, that strikes that question I was about to say. So, if it is a counselor it's either Gwydion or Rosetta."
"My money's on Rosetta," replied Rel, his brow lowering.
"Could be," said Laika, missing the tone change. "We shall see what the seer magic says." Rel nodded as Laika continued speaking. "So once I get my vision should I use my FTs to figure out if it relates to the counselors, or should I FT to find out what I build instead?"
"I'd say see what it shows you first," suggested Rel.
"Gah, I hate waiting," complained Laika as they made their way down to the kitchens for some dinner. "I hate waiting, hence why I don't do seer magic in like Coventry anymore. Some gods just let seer magic sit for months before it's answered; last time took almost nine months before it was answered."
"Gods are busy people, too," replied Rel.
(still working, be patient. - A)
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