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Dreams for Druids

You wake up in a clearing within a forest, a bonfire roaring pleasantly beside you. It was just before dawn, if the peach hue in the sky said anything.

“Druid. What is your story?”

A figure stood on the other side of the fire, watching you with a smile. When did they get here, and had they been here all along?

“Druid. You are nature, you are Fire and Earth…and a demoness holds your spot. She threatens, and jests, she would rather hold her power…she isn’t afraid of you. Where is your Fire! Your rage and passion! Where is your Earth, your stubborn, fierce strength! Give her a reason to fear your power.”

The figure gestures widely, throwing their arms about. “She dares to hold your position while you sit quietly. She holds your position while the Twilight Fae, your Fae, die out in terror. End their fear!

“What is your Path mean to you, Druid?” The figure paces on the other side of the fire. “I don’t know what to say to you. Do you have things you aren’t sharing, information you’re hiding? Projects, plans, work? You are too quiet, Druids.”

Suddenly the figure stops, turns, and stares right at you, unblinking. “Nature is never quiet. So why are you?”

Druids everywhere woke up. The sun hadn’t quite risen entirely in the Realms, but the birdsong was loud and all around them.... a Dream sent and received that was crafted by Phoenix Rose, on the thirteenth night of February, 1011 M.R.. - Aven
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