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Rel, Fire and Earth

Rel was a druid in the mortal realm during the First Age of Fae. He had amassed considerable power with nature.

An enormous procession of the fae was traveling through his forest. Lead by a white stag, all manners of faeries, from gnomes to elves to pixies to trolls, and even the King and Queen and all the Dukes and Duchesses were there. Two elves attended Mab, Nimbus and another fae.

Following behind the fae, a handful of human hunters with bows attempted to reach the white stag. They began firing on the faeries, hitting Nimbus in the back and injuring several others. As the fae began to react, the forest did as well, grabbing the humans and preventing them from escaping or continuing their attack.

The other fae who was following Mab came to confront the humans, declaring that they slew his lady's love, Nimbus, and he would destroy them for it. Rel, appearing as a true druid, stepped out of the forest and spoke for peace. He offered to right the wrong so that the humans would not be slain for their folly. While the elves agreed, the fae cast a spell turning the humans into rabbits for until the next full moon. This angered Rel but he still offered his help, raising Nimbus from the dead.

As the Queen rejoiced, the fae asked Rel his name. He answered that his name was as long as the trees, but when the fae asked the stars the trees answered "Rel". The Queen thanked Rel, kissing him, and offered him the chance to live in Faerie for seven years to see if he would wish to remain or return to his forest. The other fae pointed out that they could bring the forest into fae, and as he discussed this Rel stood in a daze, murmuring that he had been kissed by a goddess, by nature herself. Rel was lead off with the faeries, and did choose to stay, becoming one of the counselors.

"The power of the Druid. Nature is the playground, to bend and break at your command, so long as you give more than you take."
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