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A dream procured from Rel himself. - Aven
You dream that there is a large, high bonfire burning; your back is to it as you turn and face the dancing. New to few, and frantic to them, yet as old as the Hills for you. And you have met the Hills. Hillfolk, the Hill... fauns, satyrs, dancing nymphs of the earth, and you note how each one of your peers is presenting themselves as the elves and many other creatures continue their dance.

Rosetta is dressed in long pants, a purple sash girded about his waist and nothing else, and has joined in on the dance. Feverishly covered in sweat and many markings, the fae throws its arms forward and then to the sky, holding a blackened stick that seems to have a small amount of swirling violet light on one end. On Rosetta's face there is a large mark of a black star, over its left eye. The rest of the body: arms, hands, neck, back and chest, are painted or magic-made markings that change from purple to red to back to purple as he dances around the fire. The fae's hair is long here, braided with many braids that whip about as the furious dancing continues. Rosetta picked up this ritual dance rather fast from you, and in return has been patiently teaching you a different sort of magic, and how to read and write a bit. You still don't feel a need for such things, but perhaps it might take the heat off you concerning the most recent incident with Gwydion.

There is much heat here. You take in a deep breath through your nose, proud.

Nimbus is quietly watching, leaning against Tree. Nimbus is dressed in a simple robe, covering over light armor. Her hair is down (rare), and there are light white feathers sticking out on the sides, and there is some ivy sprigs as well. A bright white rose is also in her hair and she holds a short stave. It's natural-colored, with a few flowers here and there attached to it. There is some blue leather attached as well, but it is simple in design. Her face has paint on it as well, a blue star on her cheek, a black one right below the corner of her right eye, and then blue curled markings on the right side of her face. Across her forehead is a laurel of leaves as well.

Masks is keeping those who are not participating in the dance entertained still with fire-juggling and fire-breathing, but you also notice with some pleasure that many gathered are getting into this moment, and many are making love and worshiping the Nature around them. The half-moon sits in a twilight-lit sky, casting an eerie glow across everything. Gwydion is absent.

Soon, the dancers are exhausted and being to collapse in pleasurable heaps. Rosetta is carried off by a few nymphs and a satyr outside of the fire-light. The circle is emptied, and that's when She approaches. Wearing not more than a necklace you fashioned for Her, and her own glamours.

And you dance.

And you dance...

O, by nature, how you dance with Her.
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